Premium Quality 3ml Transfer Pipettes - Reliable & Precise Pack of 500

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Product: This offering consists of a box of 500 Transfer Pipettes, each with a capacity of 3ml for high precision in various laboratory applications.

  • Pipette Type:Crafted for wide-ranging lab use
  • Key Features:Fine tip displaying 0.5ml graduations for optimum accuracy. Single-use, non-sterilized, and disposable for your convenience.
  • Packaging: Delivered in a box of 500, which weighs 1kg and has a volume of 15dm3, ensuring you have ample supply for your lab needs.
  • Safety:Wear gloves while handling, use in ventilated spaces, and avoid contact with corrosive or hazardous chemicals.
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High Precision 3ml Capacity Transfer Pipettes - Pack of 500

Experience the epitome of precision and reliability with our top-notch 3ml capacity transfer pipettes, sold in packs of 500 pieces. Catering to a vast range of laboratory tasks, our meticulously crafted pipettes bring you accuracy and efficiency like never before.

Every pipette in this box is engineered with a fine tip that facilitates accurate measurements and allows stellar precision in liquid transfers each time. The inclusion of graduation markings at 0.5ml increments further empowers you with enhanced control over liquid distribution, contributing to the reliability and accuracy of your procedures.

  • Efficient Design: The pipettes incorporate a flexible suction bulb, simplifying the process of drawing up the liquid dramatically.
  • Non-Sterile: These pipettes are decidedly handy for non-medical laboratory procedures, effectively reducing the risk of cross-contamination with their single-use disposability.
  • Versatility: Whether your task is simple or complex, our pipettes cater to a variety of needs, positioning them as a central universal fixture in your lab.
  • Quality Assured: Each pipette is subjected to stringent quality checks, promising a reliable and consistent performance.

The package comprises 1 box of 500 pipettes, each bestowed with a 3ml capacity. Weighing approximately 1kg, and with a volume approximating 15dm3, the box can be transported with ease and stores smoothly in your lab, conserving space effectively.

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