Top-Tier Digital Pipette, 8-Channel, 20-200µl – Transforming Lab Experiences

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Top-Tier Digital Pipette: Revolutionize Your Laboratory Experience

Experience pinpoint accuracy and first-class durability with our 8-Channel Digital Pipette. Ensure exact measurements within a 20-200µl range for a wide range of laboratory procedures. With a resistance to both UV and chemical effects, this digital pipette guarantees long-lasting use.

  • Digital Accuracy: Digital readout ensures utmost volume accuracy and reliability
  • Volume Consistency: Volume lock mechanism prevents unintended adjustments
  • Efficiency: Push-button system enables quick and easy tip disposal
  • Sterilization: High autoclavability at 121°C facilitates immediate reuse

Note: Pipette tips are sold separately.

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Top-Tier Digital Pipette, 8-Channel, 20-200µl: The Gamechanger in Laboratory Experience

The Top-Tier Digital Pipette, 8-Channel, 20-200µl, combines modern technology with robust build quality to revolutionize complex laboratory procedures. Designed with flair and constructed with resilience, this state-of-the-art liquid handling system provides unparalleled precision, efficiency, and longevity for diverse research disciplines, including clinical diagnostics, immunology, molecular biology, and beyond.

Exquisite Features

  • Precision: Integrated with an automatic air displacement model, it provides remarkable accuracy, ideal for handling intricate lab procedures.
  • Durability: UV light- and chemical-resistant materials ensure long-lasting performance, even in rigorous operational conditions.
  • Digital Control: A digital volume readout enables meticulous manipulation of liquid volumes, streamlining laboratory procedures.
  • Secure Volume: A volume lock function fortifies against unintended adjustments, improving workflow and minimizing costly inaccuracies.
  • Comfort: The ergonomic design featuring a proprietary push button tip ejection system reduces strain during repetitive pipetting tasks, promoting comfort and productivity.
  • Sterilization: With the ability to be autoclaved at 121°C, it maintains a pristine work environment and safeguards the sanctity of your experiments.

Committed to elevating user experience, we offer a multilingual instruction manual (French and Spanish included) with each purchase. The lightweight yet sturdy design coupled with a compact form makes this pipette the optimum choice for volume dispensing across multiple samples. Worth noting, pipette tips are sold separately for customization based on your distinct needs.

Upgrade your laboratory setup with the Top-Tier Digital Pipette. This cutting-edge, tech-enhanced device redefines precision and reliability in laboratory operations. Transform your liquid handling experience and unveil the reimagined version of productivity.

*For rigorous and prolonged use, please refer to the user manual for cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

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