Digital Pipette 20-200 ul | High Precision Laboratory Tool | Upgrade Your Lab Efficiency

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Digital Pipette 20-200 ul: Ultimate Precision Tool for Enhanced Lab Efficiency

  • Efficiency: Designed for laboratory optimization with high-precision results.
  • Accuracy: Includes a digital read-out for the highest level of volume adjustment accuracy.
  • Durability: Built with a robust frame resistant to chemicals and UV for longevity.
  • Usability: Comes with a user-friendly lock system to prevent unintended volume changes, and features complete autoclaving capability for thorough sterilization.
  • Instructions: Accompanied by a multilingual manual for clear, comprehensive guidance.
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Digital Pipette 20-200 ul: A Precision Instrument for Enhanced Laboratory Efficiency

The future of laboratory efficiency is here with our high-grade Digital Pipette 20-200 ul. This performance-specific pipette is perfectly designed to transform your lab functioning, delivering immaculate fluid control, unmatched precision, and excellent results for improved lab efficiency.

Premium Attributes:

  • High Precision: Enables flawless control and exactitude during fluid dispense, boosting lab performance.
  • Superior Build: Made from prime materials, highly resistant to broad-ranging chemicals and UV light offering resilience and long life.
  • Digital Volume Control: Provides digital volume variations from 20-200 ul, accurate up to 0.5 ul increments, guaranteeing best outcomes.
  • Reliable Locking Mechanism: Features an integrated lock system to prevent unintentional volume alteration during operations, ensuring consistency and reliability.
  • Push Button Tip Ejection System: Boasts a user-friendly top ejection system, minimizing risk of cross-contamination and emphasizing lab safety.
  • Autoclavable: All parts can be sterilized at 121u00b0C, contributing to a hygienic and germ-free lab environment.
  • Long-lasting: Withstands chemical exposure and UV light, promising exceptional performance and extended usability.

This versatile Digital Pipette 20-200 ul is an essential tool for diverse lab procedures, bundled with detailed English instructions for effortless operation. Note: pipette tips are not included and are sold separately. Product packaging guarantees safe and protected delivery to your lab. Shipping weight is approximately 0.35 kg.

In The Box:

  • 1 x Digital Pipette 20-200 ul

Enhance your laboratory's performance with the Digital Pipette 20-200 ul. Your dependable tool for streamlined operations and impeccable precision. Order now for a remarkable boost in lab productivity!

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