Lab-Grade Digital Pipette 100-1000ul: Unrivalled Precision & Exceptional Accuracy

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Lab-Grade Digital Pipette 100-1000ul: Delivering Exceptional Accuracy

Exhibit unblemished precision in your lab processes with our Lab-Grade Digital Pipette. It’s a one-stop solution to your liquid dispensing concerns:

  • Superior Accuracy: Uses advanced air displacement technology, ensuring repeatable volumes
  • Resilient: Made of chemical and UV-resistant materials adding high durability
  • Adaptable: Supports a variety of disposable tip types (100-1000 ul) for different liquids
  • Precise Volume Control: Facilitates minute volume adjustments with digital control
  • Secure: Features a volume lock and tip removal button, avoiding unintentional alterations
  • Simple Cleaning: Autoclavable at 121u00b0C for effortless maintenance

Note: Pipette tips are not included and will need to be ordered separately.

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Premier Lab-Grade Digital Pipette 100-1000ul: Unleash the Power of Unprecedented Precision

Revolutionizing the realm of precise measurements, our Lab-Grade Digital Pipette 100-1000ul stands as an epitome of high functionality and superior quality. Designed for perfection, this indispensable laboratory tool guarantees exceptional accuracy and immaculate consistency in every use.

A Class Apart: Pioneering Features

  • Accommodating Volume Range: With a commendable volume range between 100ul and 1000ul, our pipette delivers superior precision. The use of easily replaceable tips further streamlines the volume dispensation process.
  • Intuitive Digital Interface: Facilitates instant volume readings and easy-to-adjust settings, minimizing errors and boosting precision.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: Promises meticulous detail in liquid sampling, with preset markings for 0.5ul increments.
  • Enhanced Safety: Features advanced locks that prevent inadvertent volume changes and a custom tip ejection system for safe handling.
  • Autoclavable: This pipette is fully sterilizable at 121°C, ensuring stringent hygienic and safety standards.

Wide-ranging Applications & Maintenance

The Lab-Grade Digital Pipette 100-1000ul is an invaluable tool in precision-critical operations, fitting perfectly for use in biotechnical labs (ranging from level II to IV). It's advised to follow manufacturer's guidelines for waste disposal to secure longevity and optimal performance. Note: Purchase of pipette tips is required separately.


  • Package includes: One Lab-Grade Digital Pipette 100-1000ul.
  • Weight: Lightweight at only 0.35 kg, ensures user comfort and ease of operation.
  • Space Efficiency: Occupies just 0.0017m³, an ideal fit in any workspace.
  • Compact Yet Robust: Ergonomically designed for ease of use without compromising on durability.
  • User Guide: Comes with an English instruction manual. Translations available on request.
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