Sturdy Medium-Sized Safety Pins for Medical Use

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Medium-Sized Safety Pins for Medical Use – Pack of 12 are essential for any medical application. Made from nickel-plated brass, these reliable safety pins perform excellently for general medical use.

  • Pack includes 12 durable safety pins to suffice immediate needs.
  • Each safety pin measures about 40mm, designed for user safety and convenience.
  • Primarily designed to secure wraps and bandages, proving their role in diverse medical scenarios.

These trustworthy safety pins ensure effective medical treatment and workplace safety.

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Unparalleled Strength and Resilience: Medium-Sized Safety Pins for Medical Use - Pack of 12

Product Description:

An integral part of any emergency kit, our medium-sized safety pins are designed to secure wraps and bandages with utmost assurance. Each pack comprises 12 pieces, promising an economical addition to your medical supplies. These 40 mm safety pins are meticulously produced from nickel-plated brass, attesting to their strength and resilience. Designed for everyday medical uses, they provide added security in emergency situations.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 12 medium-sized safety pins - a economical choice for medical kits.
  • Meticulously crafted to secure bandages and wraps effectively.
  • Constructed from durable, nickel-plated brass.
  • 40mm safety pins – optimal size for secure hold.
  • An indispensable element for any first aid kit.

Packaging and Labelling:

  • Primary packaging includes a plastic pack of 12 safety pins for convenient usage.
  • Secondary packaging encompasses 10 packs of safety pins in a box ensuring safe storage.
  • Over-packaging provided for enhanced safety.
  • Comprehensive labelling detailing everything from manufacturer specifics to storage guidelines.


  • Feather-light with an estimated weight of 0.010kg for easy portability.
  • Compact with an estimated volume of 0.018cdm.

Instructions for Use:

  • Specially designed for general-purpose medical use, ensuring a secure hold on bandages and wraps.

Part of a Kit:

  • Vital component of S9975020 - First aid kit A showcasing its essential role in emergency medical solutions.
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