Pilot Scale Freeze-Dryer: Advanced Drying & Precision Control

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Boost your production capabilities with the Pilot Scale Freeze-Dryer. Engineered for precision and efficiency, the freeze-dryer is perfect for applications across biopharmaceuticals, antibiotics, blood products, and diagnostic reagents. Noteworthy features include:

  • Drying capacity ranges between 20-150L.
  • Vial capacity varies approximately from 2200 to 32000, dictated by vial size.
  • An optional automatic feeding and discharging system is available.
  • Additional isolation equipment available to boost your workflows.

This compact and fully computer-controlled device conforms to GMP and FDA standards, making it an essential tool for research, development, and small trial production.

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About the Pilot Scale Freeze-Dryer: Superior Drying & Precision Control

Bring enhanced precision to the heart of your biopharmaceutical processing with our Pilot Scale Freeze-Dryer. As an industry-leading drying solution, our freeze-dryer empowers you to boost productivity, efficiency, and quality;

Staggering Capacity

Designed for a wide array of applications including biopharmaceuticals, antibiotics, blood products, and diagnostic reagents, our freeze-dryer offers a potent drying capacity that ranges from 20L to 150L. Depending upon the vial size, it allows a vial capacity range from approximately 2200 to 32000, offering multifaceted applications.

Advanced Design & Superior Construction

Our model hosts a compact and advanced system design. Itdurably built interior, fabricated from 304/316L stainless steel, stands up to long-term use, ensuring extraordinary output and longevity.

Exceptional Automation & Control

Fitted with a computer-controlled mechanism, our freeze-dryer works efficiently to produce accurate results. It excels in delivering precision control, optimizing the drying process, and minimizing errors.

Customizable Solutions

With the optional addition of an automatic feeding and discharging system, our freeze-dryer can be tailored to meet your unique business requirements. We also offer related isolation equipment to create a seamless, integrated workflow, further enhancing your facility's productivity.

Compliance & Standards

Our freeze-dryer meets the stringent norms of GMP and FDA regulations, offering you peace of mind when it comes to your production process’s credibility and meeting global industry standards.

Reimagine Your Drying Process

Choose Pilot Scale Freeze-Dryer and redefine your drying process. Experience unrivaled performance, superior control, and significantly enhanced productivity. Ideal for research, development, and small trial production, this superior drying solution is set to revolutionize your workflow.

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