Phytomenadi 10mg/ml Injection: An Essential Vitamin K1 Formula for Effective Coagulation and Newborn Hemorrhagic Disease Prevention

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Phytomenadi 10mg/ml Injection – A Vital Vitamin K1 Solution for Coagulation and Prevention of Newborn Hemorrhagic Disease. This high-grade pharmaceutical product holds phytomenadione (Vitamin K1) at a concentration of 10 mg/ml. Features:

  • Content: Each box contains 10 ampoules, each having 1ml of the solution, providing a complete dosage of 10 mg Vitamin K1.
  • Multipurpose Usage: Can be employed to treat newborn hemorrhagic disease and as a warfarin antagonist.
  • Longevity: Assured safe storage for 36 months with top storage temperature of 25°C.
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Phytomenadi 10mg/ml Injection: Efficient Vitamin K1 Solution for Coagulation and Hemorrhagic Disease Prevention in Newborns

The Phytomenadi 10mg/ml injection is your essential high-potency formulation designed to support the activation of proteins involved in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and cell growth. Comprising of phytomenadione or Vitamin K1, this product is instrumental in preventing and treating the hemorrhagic disease in newborns and serves as an effective coagulation support.

Product Details

  • High Potency Phytomenadione: Each 1 ml ampoule encapsulates a 10mg concentration of high-quality phytomenadione for ensuring rapid action and optimal efficacy.
  • Coagulation Support: Regarded as a potent warfarin antagonist, it aids in providing necessary coagulation support to the patients.
  • Neonatal Protection:Extensively utilized in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhagic disease in newborn infants and helps prevent severe bleeding complications.
  • Compliance with WHO Guidelines:Our formulation adheres to the WHO Model Formulary 2008, assuring accurate administration and ideal results.
  • Extended Shelf Life: An impressive 36-month shelf life guarantees depedability and reliability for a longer period.
  • Safe Storage Conditions: Safe to store the product at temperatures up to 25u00b0C without freezing. If solution appears turbid, abstain from using it.

Essential Features of Phytomenadi Injection

Phytomenadione plays a significant function in the activation of proteins essential for blood clotting, bone metabolism, and cell growth. It's an ideal solution for infants with low levels of Vitamin K or adults suffering from certain clotting disorders. We ensure the formulation of our product to an accurate volume and concentration, guaranteeing appropriate dosage for effective treatments.

Consistent and Reliable Performance

Phytomenadi 10mg/ml injection delivers a crucial clinical resource for coagulation support and hemorrhagic disease prevention, offering a life-saving medicinal product that guarantees newborn health. Shield your most susceptible patients with phytomenadione's consistent and reliable performance.

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