Advanced Phototherapy Unit for Neonatal Jaundice Care

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The Superior Advanced Phototherapy Unit for Effective Neonatal Jaundice Care is an exceptional solution for managing infant jaundice. Features of this top-grade device include:

  • Mobile Design: Conveniently portable, making it ideal for diverse healthcare settings.
  • Configurable Size: Adjustable height to cater to diverse usage environments and conditions.
  • Accurate Timing: Ensures precision in determining the duration of treatment sessions.
  • Safety First: Fitted with temperature sensors and alarms to maintain a safe operation.
  • Dependable: Provides steadfast performance for at least a decade.
  • Assured Warranty: Carries a two-year warranty for users’ peace of mind.
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Advanced Phototherapy Unit: Revolutionizing Hyperbilirubinemia Care

A game-changer for neonatal jaundice management, our Advanced Phototherapy Unit is designed for efficient bilirubin reduction in newborns. It provides an unprecedented level of care, safeguarding against the serious implications of Hyperbilirubinemia, and establishing itself as the leading solution to neonatal jaundice.

Unit Key Features:

  • AC-powered and mobile for versatile use across different healthcare environments.
  • Constructed with resilient materials that withstand hospital-grade disinfectants and prevent corrosion.
  • Incorporates a skin temperature sensor and a protective mechanism against high temperatures, ensuring unparalleled safety.
  • An inbuilt therapy timer for accurate tracking of therapy duration.
  • LED lights with up to 50,000 hours lifespan, delivering efficient phototherapy while upholding neonatal skin health within safe UV and near-infrared standards.

Enjoy additional items that come with the unit such as a dust cover, replacement fuses, and newborn eye protection masks.

Dedication to Quality

Our Advanced Phototherapy Unit is ISO 13485 certified and classified as a Class IIa device under EU MDR 2017/745, emphasizing adherence to elevated safety standards. With durability at its core, the unit promises a minimum of 10 years operation life and provides a two-year warranty post-purchase.

Maintenance and Operation

Uninterrupted performance is ensured through correct unit assembly, commissioning, and maintenance. Detailed user and service manuals are included. The device functions optimally in environments with temperatures between 10°C to 40°C and a relative humidity ranging from 30% to 90% RH.

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