Phenol Red pH Testing Tablets for Precise Water Quality Analysis

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Premium Phenol Red pH Testing Tablets: Precision in Water Quality Analysis

Experience unmatched accuracy in pH analysis with our photometer-grade Phenol Red Tablets. Specifically crafted for definitive drinking water assessment, these tablets display optimal results for a pH range of 6.8-8.4.

  • Uncompromised Accuracy: Photometer-grade tablets designed for precise pH testing.
  • Optimum pH Range: Specially optimized for a pH range of 6.8-8.4 for reliable readings.
  • Long Lasting: A generous pack of 250 tablets assures continuous usage.
  • High Compatibility: Ideal for use with both digital colorimeters and visual disc comparators.
  • Durability: Featuring a durable shelf life of 10 years for long-term stability.
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Premium Red Phenol pH Testing Tablets for Robust Water Quality Analysis

Safeguard water quality efficiently and reliably with our top-of-the-line Phenol Red pH Testing Tablets. These tablets redefine precision, offering unparalleled performance and unwavering consistency in every application. Each tablet contains high-quality Phenol Red, promising absolute precision in water quality measurements.

Highest Quality, Long-lasting Durability

  • Our pH tablets are specifically designed to deliver accurate readings, independent of the water's composition.
  • The tablets demonstrate their versatility through the comprehensive pH measurement range of 6.8 to 8.4, making them suitable for a wide breadth of water conditions.
  • Durability is central to our products, ensuring consistent performance and an extraordinary shelf-life of 10 years.
  • The pack includes 250 high-grade tablets, sufficiently meeting your extensive water testing needs.

Universally Adaptable

You can employ our versatile tablets with Digital Colorimeters, Photometers, and Visual Disk Comparators, offering flexibility in satisfying all your water quality testing needs, regardless of your preferred method.

User-friendly for All Experience Levels

Phenol Red pH Testing Tablets are an unbeatable option for both professionals conducting thorough water analyses or homeowners prioritizing family protection. Their reliability, exactness, and inclusive design make them the prime solution for all water quality testing needs. Opt for our Phenol Red pH Testing Tablets - a product that embodies quality, precision, uniformity, and unmatchable performance.

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