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High-Quality Versatile Pharmaceutical Preparation System: An essential resource across pharmacy, food, beverage, and chemicals sectors as a liquid storage and composing unit. It also serves as a temporary storage and disinfection tank.

  • Applications: Extended to store, compose, disinfect and temporarily store liquids.
  • Industries: Applicable across Pharmacy, Food, Dairy, Juice, Chemical and Biological.
  • Product Features: Easy Cleanability utilizing multiple CIP cleaners, swift maintenance access and dismountable input pipe for material transfer.
  • Technical Specifications: Corrosion-resistant construction, suitable working pressure and temperature range.
  • Delivery: Securely packed in a wooden case and delivered in 90 days.
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High-Quality Versatile Pharmaceutical Preparation System

Fulfill your versatile processing and storage needs with our industry-approved, sophisticated Pharmaceutical Preparation System(ISBN). Engineered with an intricate design, this system proves to be a one-stop solution across a range of industries including food, pharmaceuticals, dairy, juice beverages, chemicals, and biological engineering. Not just a storage unit, this system also performs functional roles in composition, temporary storage, and disinfection processes.

Unravel High-Performance with Multifunctional Features

  • Easy Access Quick Open Manhole: Designed to ensure prime operation convenience and maintain optimum functionality.
  • Diverse Styles of CIP Cleaners: Enables systematic cleaning and disinfection for efficient maintenance.
  • Fly and Insect Resistant Sanitary Breathing Cover: Serves as a contamination shield from external environmental factors.
  • Sturdy Triangular Bracket: Unique design to endorse stability and solid framework.
  • Detachable Materials Input Pipe Assembly: Aids easy cleaning, faster maintenance, and seamless assembly.
  • Customizable Thermometer and Ladder: Options tailored towards specific user requirements, providing complete customer control.
  • Heat Retention with Multiple Jacket Options: Choose between a hollow jacket or coil pipe jacket as per heat preservation needs.
  • Advanced Liquid Level and Control: Smart technology to monitor and control liquid levels as per requirements.
  • Durable Material: Crafted with AISI304/AISI316l for internal body, AISI304 for outer body, and AISI304, Q235-B for jacket. This unique blend enhances anti-corrosion properties, durability, and extends product longevity.
  • High Operational Pressure and Temperature Resistance: Built to endure wide-ranging pressure and temperature fluctuations.

Matchless Technical Specifications

  • Working Pressure: Jacket 0.08Mpau003c=Jacketu003c=0.6Mpa, Inside Body: 0.5Mpau003c=Inside Bodyu003c= natural pressure.
  • Working Temperature: Jacketu003c160 degrees Celsius, Inside Bodyu003c150 degrees Celsius.
  • Capacity range: Capable of holding 500-10000 L of contents.

Our High-Quality Versatile Pharmaceutical Preparation System is not just an investment but a pledge towards optimal performance and seamless production processes. With our system's versatile capabilities and enhanced features, get ready to redefine productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing operations.

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