High-Purity Paraffin Petroleum Gel: For Reliable Laboratory Use & Sickle Cell Screening

Short description

Product: High-Quality Petroleum Gel, Paraffin utilized for scientific, clinical laboratory use, and particularly effective in sickle cell screening. Its premium Analytical Reagent (AR) Grade ensures the purity and accurate laboratory analysis.

  • Presentation: Appearing as a soft white gel, it is conveniently packed in a 225g bottle.
  • Storage: It carries a substantial shelf life of 36 months, subject to storage away from direct sunlight in a tightly sealed container.
  • Application: An indispensable resource for healthcare professionals and researchers focusing on sickle cell screening.
  • Disposal: Disposal must align with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ascertain safe and environmentally friendly practices.
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Product Overview

Experience the purity and reliability of our High-Purity Paraffin Petroleum Gel, specifically designed for scientific research, clinical laboratories, and sickle cell screening. This top-notch 225g specimen serves as an accurate and consistent diagnostic tool that upholds the highest standards of scientific endeavors.

Key Features

  • Analytical Reagent (AR) Grade Petroleum Gel, promising top-quality and precision.
  • Presented as a soft white gel, our product is easy to apply and use in any laboratory setting.
  • Comes in a handy 225g bottle, perfect for extensive use and long-term needs.

  • Optimized for diagnostic activity, the Petroleum gel is an ideal choice for sickle cell screening.

Storage & Shelf Life

Granting a generous shelf life of 36 months, this product ensures extended freshness and efficacy. Store in a tightly sealed container to maximize quality.

Packaging Information

  • Primary Packaging includes 1 unit of Soft White Petroleum Gel, 225g.
  • Estimated weight: 0.25kg.
  • Estimated volume: 0.0005m3.

Contact with skin and eyes may cause irritation. Hence, appropriate safety measures should be taken while handling the product. Dispose of the gel as per the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safety and environmental responsibility.

To conclude, our Petroleum Gel - Paraffin delivers reliability, quality, and superior performance for all your laboratory and diagnostic requirements.

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