Top-Grade Glass Petri Dish Set with Lid - Precision Lab Equipment

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High-Quality Glass Petri Dish Set with Lid – Versatile Lab Equipment: Designed for flexible applications in labs, clinics, and educational institutions. The 90mm set offers clear, comprehensive observations for research, tests, and practical exercises.

  • Transparency Assured: Made of colorless glass for precise study.
  • Multi-Purpose: Tailored for microbiology research and clinical tests.
  • Educational Essential: Ideal for instruction and practical exercises in microbiology.
  • Eco-Friendly: Autoclavable for re-use, endorsing environmental conservation in lab procedures.
  • Reliable Packaging: Safely packaged for secure storage and transportation.
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High-Quality Glass Petri Dish Set with Lid for Laboratory Excellence

Boost the accuracy and efficiency of your scientific exploration with our High-Quality Glass Petri Dish Set with Lid. Crafted from exceptional, clear glass, this set promises longevity and clarity, perfect for meticulously observing biological and chemical specimens. Specifically engineered for broad applicability in medical, microbiological, and research proceedings, this set stands as an invaluable asset for any robust laboratory.

Prime Features

  • Paramount Material: Consists of high-grade, clear glass furnishing durability and clarity to facilitate comprehensive and precise experiments.
  • Optimal Size: Each dish's diameter approximately measures up to 90mm, providing enough room for culturing and thoroughly examining scientific samples.
  • Comprehensive Set: Includes three dishes, each accompanied by a fitting lid ensuring proper hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Universal Usability: Functions as an essential tool in laboratories of hospitals, clinics, schools, and research centers, apt for diverse scientific methodologies.

Weight and Packaging

  • Secure Packaging: All merchandise are carefully packed to ensure the safe transit and delivery of your precision laboratory equipment.
  • Portable and Compact: Weighing merely 0.1kg and taking up a volume of just 0.0005m3, the set is conveniently easy to store and transport.

The high-quality Glass Petri Dish Set with Lid is an irreplaceable part of any lab infrastructure and aids researchers in achieving the precision and efficiency required in meticulous lab inspections. The fusion of exquisite build quality with a professional design makes it the perfect addition to any lab aiming for accuracy and productivity.

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