pET-51b(+) DNA Vector - Novagen | Cloning & High-Level Expression

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  • pET-51b(+) DNA Vector – Novagen
  • Designed for cloning and high-level expression
  • Fused with the 8 aa Strep-Tag II coding sequence
  • Cleavable with enterokinase (Ek) protease
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pET-51b(+) DNA Vector - Novagen | Cloning & High-Level Expression

The pET-51b(+) DNA vector from Novagen is a powerful tool designed specifically for cloning and high-level expression of target proteins. Researchers worldwide trust this proven system for its efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

Main Features:

  • Designed for cloning and high-level expression: The pET-51b(+) DNA vector is optimized to facilitate efficient and robust cloning of target genes and promote high-level expression of the desired proteins.
  • Fused with the 8 aa Strep-Tag II coding sequence: The inclusion of the 8 amino acid Strep-Tag II coding sequence greatly enhances the affinity of the fusion protein for streptavidin, enabling easy purification and detection.
  • Cleavable with enterokinase (Ek) protease: The vector features a unique cleavable site for enterokinase (Ek) protease, allowing for precise protein release without any unwanted residues.
  • Origin of replication: The vector carries a high-copy origin of replication, allowing for efficient plasmid amplification and higher yields of recombinant DNA.
  • Promoter: The T7 promoter, derived from bacteriophage T7, provides a robust and tightly regulated system for driving transcription of the target gene.
  • RBS (Ribosome Binding Site): The RBS sequence ensures proper ribosome positioning on the mRNA, leading to high-level protein expression.
  • Multiple cloning site (MCS): The MCS contains a variety of unique restriction enzyme recognition sites, enabling easy and flexible cloning of target genes.

The pET-51b(+) DNA vector is a circular, double-stranded DNA molecule measuring approximately 4,500 base pairs in length. It contains essential genetic elements required for cloning and expression of target genes in a wide range of host organisms, including bacteria and yeast.

The vector is engineered with the Strep-Tag II coding sequence, consisting of 8 amino acids (Trp-Ser-His-Pro-Gln-Phe-Glu-Lys), which is strategically positioned at the N-terminus of the fusion protein. This Strep-Tag II sequence has a high affinity for streptavidin, allowing for efficient purification and detection of the fusion protein using common streptavidin-based chromatography techniques.

In addition, the vector offers a unique feature: a cleavable site for enterokinase (Ek) protease. This recognition site allows researchers to specifically cleave the fusion protein at the desired position, releasing the target protein without any residual tags or unwanted amino acid residues. The cleavage can be performed under mild conditions, ensuring optimal preservation of the target protein's activity and structure.

Overall, the pET-51b(+) DNA vector provides researchers with a reliable and efficient tool for cloning and high-level expression of target proteins. Its fusion protein purification and enterokinase cleavage features further enhance its versatility and applicability in a wide range of research areas, including protein biochemistry, structural biology, and drug discovery.

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