pET-20b(+) DNA - Novagen | High-quality DNA Vector for Molecular Biology

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  • Designed for periplasmic localization: The pET-20b(+) vector carries an N-terminal pelB signal sequence, allowing potential periplasmic localization.
  • Ideal for diverse molecular biology applications: This high-quality DNA vector is suitable for a wide range of molecular biology experiments.
  • Composition:
    • N-terminal pelB signal sequence
    • pET-20b(+) vector
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pET-20b(+) DNA - Novagen | High-quality DNA Vector for Molecular Biology

The pET-20b(+) vector by Novagen is a high-quality DNA vector designed specifically for carrying an N-terminal pelB signal sequence, enabling potential periplasmic localization. This vector is an essential tool for various molecular biology applications, providing researchers with a reliable and efficient platform for their experiments.

  • Designed with an N-terminal pelB signal sequence for potential periplasmic localization
  • High-quality DNA vector for molecular biology applications
  • Reliable and efficient platform for gene expression studies

The pET-20b(+) vector is a well-established tool for gene expression studies in molecular biology research. This vector is carefully constructed to include the N-terminal pelB signal sequence, which allows for the secretion of the protein of interest into the periplasmic space. This localization technique is particularly useful for protein folding and post-translational modifications in certain applications.

The pET-20b(+) vector is designed to ensure high levels of gene expression, making it an ideal choice for recombinant protein production. This vector is compatible with the T7 promoter system, widely used for efficient gene expression in Escherichia coli. By utilizing this system, researchers can achieve high levels of protein expression, facilitating downstream applications such as protein purification, structural analysis, and functional studies.

  • N-terminal pelB signal sequence: The inclusion of this signal sequence allows for potential periplasmic localization of the protein of interest. This feature is advantageous for applications that require correct protein folding and post-translational modifications.
  • pET-20b(+) vector: The DNA vector backbone is carefully designed to ensure efficient gene expression. It is compatible with the T7 promoter system, enabling high levels of protein production in Escherichia coli.

The pET-20b(+) vector offers versatility and flexibility, allowing researchers to insert their gene of interest using a variety of cloning methods. The vector features unique restriction sites, providing options for customization and compatibility with different DNA fragments. This flexibility allows for the simple and efficient transfer of genes into the vector, facilitating the generation of recombinant plasmids for further molecular biology experiments.

The pET-20b(+) vector is extensively tested for quality and performance, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Its design and composition have been optimized to minimize background expression and maximize the expression of the protein of interest. This attention to detail makes the pET-20b(+) vector a trusted tool for researchers in the molecular biology field.

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