Optimized Liquid Dispensing with GZ100-3A Automated Peristaltic Pump Filling System

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Enhanced Efficiency with GZ100-3A Automated Peristaltic Pump Filling System

The GZ100-3A is a sophisticated peristaltic pump filling system intended for accurate and productive performance. Noteworthy characteristics encompass:

  • Smart control: Dictate the start/stop of each channel and direction, enabling simultaneous evacuation and recycling.
  • Configurable setup: Begins with a 4-channel design, extendable to 32 channels.
  • Versatility: Compatibility with diverse pump heads like YZ series and DMD15.
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted with 304 stainless steel ensuring long-lasting durability and opposition to corrosion.
  • Improved safety: Separate bottle-stop function per channel.
  • User-friendly: 7-inch touchscreen interface, secured with password-protected system parameters.
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Enhanced Efficiency with GZ100-3A Automated Peristaltic Pump Filling System

Experience optimized operational performance with the GZ100-3A Automated Peristaltic Pump Filling System. It is independently designed and incorporates intelligent controls for more efficient and precise liquid dispensing process.

  • Featuring a basic, expandable structure ranging from 4 to 32 channels, it provides immense flexibility and adaptability to various usage requirements.
  • It is compatible with YZ series and DMD15 pump heads, offering a broad spectrum of options according to specific needs.
  • For enhanced control, starting/stopping, direction adjustment of each channel, single or multiple channel control for simultaneous evacuation and recycling, and adjustment of suckback angle and time features are available.
  • Password protection for user-set parameters ensures operational safety and integrity.
  • Provision for filling and saving functions for filling solutions, adding to its functional versatility.
  • Four calibration functions - proportional adjustment, volume calibration, weighing calibration, and multiple weighing calibration, allow the system to be tuned for peak efficiency.
  • Comes with a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen interface, and an external communication interface that employs the RS485 bus, adhering to the Modbus standard protocol, capable of seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Constructed using 304 stainless steel, which offers high resistance against corrosion.
  • Equipped with independent bottle-stop function for each channel.

Incorporating intelligent control functionality, integrative design, and adaptable structure, the GZ100-3A Automated Peristaltic Pump Filling System streamlines liquid dispensing operations, elevating efficiency and improving control.

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