Red Ball-Point Pens - Box of 10 | High-Quality, Long-Lasting & Vibrant Writing Tools

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Invest in quality and durability with the Red Ball-Point Pens, Box of 10. Perfect for professional and personal requirements, these pens promise smooth, precise writing with an eye-catching red hue. Designed for convenience and longevity, they come in a box of 10 to ensure adequate supply. Key features:

  • Quality: Adheres to high performance, offering reliability at its finest.
  • Durability: Constructed for long-term use and maximum functionality.
  • Style: Sleek design encapsulates a premium writing experience.
  • Convenience: Bulk pack of 10 ensures you have a steady supply for continuous use.
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Revolutionize Your Writing with High-Quality Red Ball-Point Pens

Introducing our top-notch pack of 10 Red Ball-Point Pens, a perfect blend of outstanding performance, precision, and durability. Crafted for smooth ink flow and uncompromising consistency, these pens are perfect for students, office professionals, artists, and anyone in between who values robust, reliable, and high-quality writing instruments.

Features of Note:

  • Pen Type: Ball-point, providing an effortless writing experience
  • Ink Color: Vibrant and fade-resistant red for lively documentation
  • Quantity: Convenient pack of 10 pens, fulfilling your usage needs
  • Ball Size: Precise 1mm ball for exact details
  • Ink Type: High-grade tropical ink ensuring quality and longevity
  • Writing Distance: Impressive minimum of 2,000 meters, offering long-lasting use
  • Ink Quantity: Approximately 0.30-0.37g, decreasing the frequency of replacement


  • Packaging: Comes in a compact, resilient cardboard box, great for gifting or personal use
  • Overpacking: Buy in bulk with 10 boxes in an inner carton, giving you a total of 100 pens

Optional Kit Component:

  • Available as part of our comprehensive School-in-a-carton kit or the Replenishment Kit for School-in-a-Box

Instructions for Use:

Our Red Ball-Point Pens are simple and straightforward to use: its standard design suits daily, versatile use, from jotting notes, drawing, or filling official forms. Created with attention to ergonomics, these pens weigh a mere 77g, ensuring comfort even during lengthy writing sessions.

Depend on the exceptional, resilient quality of our Red Ball-Point Pens for all your writing needs. The pens' eye-catching red ink promises to make your writing or artwork pop, and the sturdy build guarantees longevity. Purchase our 10-pack today for a uncompromising, dependable writing set.

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