High-Quality Ball-Point Blue Pens – Superior Accuracy & Vibrant Expression

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High-Quality Blue Ball-Point Pens (Box of 10)

  • Colorful Expression: Features vibrant blue ink that encapsulates your thoughts in lively color.
  • Precise Craftsmanship: Made with a sturdy 1mm ball-point for consistent and accurate lines.
  • Long-Lasting Use: Each pen delivers a minimum writing distance of 2,000 meters and holds approximately 0.30-0.37g of ink.
  • Practical Design: Packaged in a lightweight (77g) cardboard box, each set contains 10 pens and is easy to transport.
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High-Quality Blue Ball-Point Pens (Box of 10) for Superior Precision Writing

Our High-Quality Blue Ball-Point Pens, packaged conveniently in a box of 10, are elegantly designed writing instruments that promise high-performance, durability, comfort, and vibrancy. Whether for office use, academic tasks, or personal needs, these pens guarantee a smooth and precise writing experience.

Outstanding Features:

  • Built with a precise 1mm ballpoint that enables smooth, consistent, and reliable lines.
  • Enriched with vibrant blue ink that breathes life into your professional writing.
  • Formulated with a tropical ink that ensures superior performance under varying conditions.
  • Crafted to last, with at least 2,000 meters of writing ensured by every pen.
  • Filled with an approximate ink quantity of 0.30-0.37g for extended and durable usage.
  • Designed for comfort with an estimated weight of 77g, promoting fatigue-free writing.

Packaging Information:

  • Comes in a sturdy and eco-friendly cardboard box for safe transportation and storage.
  • With 10 pens neatly packed in every box, distribution and organization are hassle-free.
  • Offers an option for a bulk order, with 10 boxes overpacked in an inner carton - a total of 100 pens for large-scale needs.

Usage and Ease:

  • Effortlessly simple to use - just remove the cap and set your thoughts free.
  • Ideally suited for a wide array of writing requirements, adapting perfectly to any writing environment.

Integration with Kits:

  • Part of our midwifery kit and several comprehensive educational kits - a versatile tool for various purposes.
  • An excellent resource for boosting students' writing abilities and facilitating professional tasks.

Commit to professional and expressive handwriting with our Blue Ball-Point Pens, engineered for quality and longevity. Equip yourself with not just a pen, but a precision writing instrument.

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