PCR 100 bp Low Ladder - Reliable Size Determination for PCR DNA Fragments

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  • PCR 100 bp Low Ladder – Suitable for size determination of PCR generated DNA fragments with either agarose or polyacrylamide gels.
  • Key Features:
    • PCR 100 bp Low Ladder
    • Electrophoresis of PCR fragments
    • 100bp maker
    • 100bp marker for agarose gel electrophoresis
    • 100pb ladder for agarose gel electrophoresis
    • DNA ladder
    • DNA marker
    • Gel ladder
    • Gel marker
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The PCR 100 bp Low Ladder is a reliable tool designed for the size determination of PCR-generated DNA fragments. It is primarily used for agarose or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. This ladder offers accurate and consistent size estimation of DNA samples, making it an essential product for researchers and scientists working in the field of molecular biology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate Size Determination: The PCR 100 bp Low Ladder allows precise identification of DNA fragment sizes with clear band patterns, ensuring accurate analysis of DNA samples.
  • Wide Size Range: The ladder consists of well-defined fragments ranging from 100 base pairs (bp) to 5000 bp, providing a wide size range for size estimation and comparison.
  • Ready-to-Use: The ladder is supplied in a convenient format, ready for direct use without the need for any additional preparation.
  • High-Quality DNA Fragments: The PCR 100 bp Low Ladder contains DNA fragments generated from highly purified plasmids, ensuring high quality and reliable performance.
  • Easy Visualization: The ladder is designed with well-spaced bands, allowing for easy visualization and distinguishing of adjacent bands during gel electrophoresis.
  • Sharp and Clear Bands: The ladder produces sharp and clear bands due to the optimized DNA concentration and the absence of any additional stabilizers or loading dyes, enabling accurate size determination.
  • Compatible with Agarose and Polyacrylamide Gels: The PCR 100 bp Low Ladder is compatible with both agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis techniques, providing flexibility for various experimental requirements.


  • Size Range: 100 bp to 5000 bp
  • Concentration: Optimized DNA concentration for clear band visualization
  • Storage: Store at -20u00b0C
  • Shipping Condition: Shipped on dry ice for optimal stability
  • Format: Ready-to-use solution
  • Stability: Stable for up to 1 year when stored properly at -20u00b0C


  • PCR fragment size determination
  • Quality control of PCR reactions
  • Genotyping and genetic mapping
  • DNA sequencing
  • DNA fragment analysis
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Restriction enzyme digestion analysis
  • DNA cloning and gene manipulation studies

Safety Information:

The PCR 100 bp Low Ladder is for research use only. It is not intended for diagnostic, therapeutic, or in vivo use. Please handle with caution and follow proper laboratory safety protocols when using this product.

Ordering Information:

The PCR 100 bp Low Ladder can be ordered directly through our website or by contacting our sales department. For bulk inquiries or customized packaging requests, please get in touch with our customer support team.

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