PBM-4500 Groove Machine: Industrial Power for Ultra-thick Tube Cutting

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Industrial Strength PBM-4500 Groove Machine

A robust and versatile tool for demanding industrial applications

  • Robust & Versatile: Ideal for cutting ultra-thick wall tubes and pipe beveling. Also suited for flat bevelling and boring diameters.
  • Durable: Its advanced RC55 hardness resists scratching, while the torque drive turbine vortex safeguards gear structures.
  • Efficient: Boasts a 1 horsepower pneumatic motor and a self-locking expansion mandrel block for consistent performance and reduced workplace vibration.
  • Adaptable: With its single spindle and replaceable expansion blocks, it accommodates varied pipe diameters, making it perfect for diverse project needs.
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Industrial Strength PBM-4500 Groove Machine: Perfect for Cutting Ultra-thick Wall Tubes

Meet the PBM-4500 Groove Machine, an impeccably designed manufacturing solution created with power and versatility in mind. A superior performing, industrial-grade tool, it brilliantly serves any operational requirements while redefining the manufacturing process.

  • High Torque Drive: Equipped with a robust turbine bar drive torque, the PBM-4500 cuts effortlessly through ultra-thick wall tubes up to 1' (25.4mm) without exposing the gear structure to damage.
  • Versatility: Its unique capability makes it suitable for beveling pipes, creating flat bevels, and boring diameters, providing unmatched flexibility.
  • Efficiency Enhanced: The self-locking expansion mandrel block prevents spring loss, which in turn improves machine efficiency.
  • Comfort Operation: An adjustable key and keyway structure helps eliminate recoil and vibrations for smoother usability.
  • Powerful Motor: This groove machine is fitted with a 1 horsepower pneumatic motor for efficient operation, running at 70cfm; 90Psi.
  • Robust Material: With an RC55 hardness, the PBM-4500 offers high resistance to scratching thus extending its lifespan.
  • Flexibility: The three-blade mounting groove design enhances its functions for grooving, deburring, and boring diameters. It also provides a wide range of size coverage thanks to its replaceable expansion blocks.
  • Impressive Specs: Boasting a diameter range from 11/4' (31.7mm) to 41/2' (114.3mm), a maximum wall thickness of 1' (25.4mm), and an operating voltage of 220V/50HZ; this groove machine stands as an industry leader.

Wrapping up, the PBM-4500 Groove Machine manifests itself as the ultimate choice for industries that value superior engineering design, and require reliable, versatile, and powerful machinery.

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