Panbio Dengue IgM Capture ELISA Kit - Top-notch Diagnostic Tool for Dengue Detection

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The Panbio Dengue IgM Capture ELISA Kit ensures high-precision dengue antigen detection. The kit illustrates an impressive sensitivity of 94.7% for primary diagnoses and 55.7% for secondary diagnoses. This pack comprises antibody-coated microwells, Dengue 1-4 antigens, diluents, and other necessary elements. Follow the supplied instructions for the best results.

  • Storage: 2-8u00b0C, protected from sunlight and moisture.
  • Shelf life: 15 months from manufacturing.
  • Weight: 0.54 kg.
  • Usage: Best applicable in an expert-supervised laboratory environment.
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The Panbio Dengue IgM Capture ELISA Kit is a groundbreaking diagnostic instrument that specializes in the detection of Dengue antibodies. Utilizing ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) technology, a reliable method known for yielding precise results, this kit provides an unrivalled solution for Dengue fever diagnosis.

  • Implementing ELISA technology ensures flawless detection of IgM antibodies targeting dengue antigens.
  • Designed in a 96-test microtitre plate format, this kit is cost-effective for laboratories.
  • Ensures result accuracy with impressive sensitivity rates - 94.7% primary, 55.7% secondary, and 100% specificity.
  • Designed to provide prompt results in just 2 hours and 10 minutes, ensuring faster diagnoses.
  • The kit includes materials necessary for testing: antibody-coated microwells, Dengue 1-4 recombinant variety antigens, controls, and essential reagents.
  • Additional equipment required for optimal functioning is not included in the package.
  • Requires storage condition within a temperature range of 2-8 degrees Centigrade, away from direct sunlight, high humidity, and freezing temperatures.
  • Compact and portable, weighing approximately 0.54 kg with a volume around 0.00263mu00b3.
  • Excellent shelf life of 15 months from the manufacturing date ensures its usability.
  • Recommendation to strictly adhere to the manufacturer's protocol for the best results.
  • The kit is a preferred choice for healthcare providers and lab technicians seeking reliable, efficient detection methodology for dengue.

On account of its high-end technology, user convenience, and supreme accuracy, the Panbio Dengue IgM Capture ELISA Kit has earned significant credibility in the scientific and medical sphere.

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