Highly Durable Pan and 'P' Trap for Squatting Plate - Complete Toilet System

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Enhance your restroom amenities with the Highly Durable Pan and ‘P’ Trap for Squatting Plate: Complete Toilet System. This superior package comprises a sturdy PP pan and solid HDPE ‘P’ trap, tailored for 120 x 80 cm squatting plates. Key highlights include:

  • Pan made of durable PP material, dimensions: 470mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 345mm (H), weight: 500g.
  • ‘P’ and Goose neck trap types, crafted from rigid HDPE.
  • 81 mm trap inlet pipe and 20 mm water-seal for efficient flushing.
  • Secure delivery promised with secure packing in cardboard boxes and standard Euro pallets.

Squatting plate to be ordered separately.

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The Highly Durable Pan and 'P' Trap for Squatting Plate: Complete Toilet System makes a solid and high performing solution for your sanitary requirements. This comprehensive system is carefully designed for seamless fitting with the 120 x 80 cm squatting plate (Product Code: S5007335), providing a total toilet system that embodies high standards of functionality and durability.

Key Features:

  • The system comes with a highly durable Pan made from robust PP material that guarantees long-lasting usage and optimal resilience.
  • Endowed with the advantage of easy installation, the Pan seamlessly bolts to the squatting plate’s underside using the included fasteners.
  • The toilet system provides two types of traps, the 'P' trap, and the Goose Neck trap, both sculpted from superior HDPE material for enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • The trap can be solidly fastened to the pan with the adhesive included in the package, ensuring a leak-proof fit that enhances the system’s functionality significantly.


  • The Pan: Uniquely lightweight, it has dimensions of 470 mm (L) x 250 mm (W) x 345 mm (H) and a weight of just 500 g, promoting convenience in handling and installation.
  • The Trap: Thoughtfully designed for practicality, it has an inlet pipe size of 81 mm (ID) and offers a 20 mm water-seal for efficient flow.


The products come safely packed in sturdy cardboard boxes and placed on standard Euro pallets (80 x 120 cm). Each pallet can accommodate up to 180 sets of pans and traps, allowing for economical shipping and handling.

Installation Guide:

The Pan and Trap toilet system is designed for easy installation. The Pan attaches to the underside of the squatting plate with the provided fasteners, while the trap affixes to the pan with the included adhesive. This ensures a virtually effortless installation process for our customers.

Note: The squatting plate should be ordered separately through Product Code: S5007335.

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