Paclitaxel 6a-Hydroxy-Paclitaxel 6u0152u00b1-Hydroxy- -CAS Number: 153212-75-0

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  • Paclitaxel 6a-Hydroxy-Paclitaxel 6Œu00b1-Hydroxy- is a metabolite of the anticancer agent Paclitaxel.
  • CAS Number: 153212-75-0
  • Synonyms: Paclitaxel, 6u00b1-Hydroxy-, 6-Hydroxytaxol
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Product Description:

  • Paclitaxel 6a-Hydroxy-Paclitaxel 6u0152u00b1-Hydroxy- is a metabolite of the anticancer agent Paclitaxel.

Product Details:

  • CAS Number: 153212-75-0
  • Synonyms: Paclitaxel, 6u0152u00b1-Hydroxy-,6-Hydroxytaxol

Key Features:

  • Derived from Paclitaxel: This product is a metabolite of the anticancer agent Paclitaxel, adding to its potential therapeutic applications.
  • High Purity: Our Paclitaxel 6a-Hydroxy-Paclitaxel 6u0152u00b1-Hydroxy- is manufactured with the highest level of purity, ensuring quality and consistency.
  • Wide Range of Applications: This compound finds utility as an intermediate in chemical synthesis, medical research, and drug development processes.
  • Research Support: Numerous peer-reviewed papers and technical documents are available that highlight the properties and applications of Paclitaxel 6a-Hydroxy-Paclitaxel 6u0152u00b1-Hydroxy-, allowing for informed decision-making and supporting various research studies.

Additional Information:

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