P1P5-Di(adenosine-5') pentaphosphate - High-Purity Powder with Dimeric Structure

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P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5′) pentaphosphate is a diadenosine polyphosphate with a tail-to-tail dimer structure. It is a highly pure powder, with a minimum HPLC purity of 95%. This compound, commonly known as A(5′)P5(5′)A, has a chemical formula of C20H29N10O22P5*5Na.

  • Purity: >= 95% (HPLC)
  • Form: Powder
  • Chemical formula: C20H29N10O22P5*5Na
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P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5') pentaphosphate, also known as A(5')P5(5')A, is a diadenosine polyphosphate with a unique tail-to-tail dimer structure. It is a highly pure powder (at least 95% purity) that has been verified through High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis.

Characterized by the chemical formula C20H29N10O22P5*5Na, P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5') pentaphosphate is securely stored in D4022. The name P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5') pentaphosphate signifies its composition of two adenosine molecules linked together through their 5' positions, forming a dimeric structure. Moreover, it contains five phosphate groups that play a crucial role in its biological function.

Features of P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5') pentaphosphate:

  • Chemical Formula: C20H29N10O22P5*5Na
  • Purity Level: ≥95% (confirmed by HPLC)
  • Form: Powder
  • Storage: D4022
  • Dimeric Structure: Resulting from the linking of two adenosine molecules through their 5' positions
  • Five Phosphate Groups: Crucial for biological function
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