High-Performance P-type Manual Trolley Electric Chain Hoist: Optimum Performance, Durability & High Efficiency

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Experience high performance with the P-type Manual Trolley Electric Chain Hoist. Constructed in accordance with global standards, this versatile and compact equipment guarantees reliability and long-lasting durability. It’s a cost-effective solution due to its minimal maintenance requirements:

  • Standardized components allow for easy customization based on application needs.
  • Its efficient hoisting speed and precision VVVF trolley control make it ideal for varying load sizes.
  • Constructed using top-quality materials, vital components such as the motor, brake, gearbox, overload clutch, chain, casing, and control pendant ensure enhanced performance and lifespan.
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High-Performance P-type Manual Trolley Electric Chain Hoist: Boosting Operational Efficiency

Experience enhanced operational efficiency and robust performance with our High-Performance P-type Manual Trolley Electric Chain Hoist. Crafted with globally acknowledged standards like European FEM, EN, DIN from Germany, ISO, and Chinese GB/JB, the hoist delivers promising durability, elevated reliability, and superior performance while maintaining minimal maintenance costs.

Exceptional Features

  • Compliant with international norms ensuring trustworthy and effective functioning.
  • End-to-end customization to address your distinctive industrial requirements.
  • Rugged build offering consistent high-end performance and durability.

Core Components

  • Lifting motor: Compact, energy-conserving, high torque, IP55 protection grade, and Class F insulation.
  • Lifting Brake: Electromagnetic disc brake design, maintenance-free, asbestos-free for assured operational safety.
  • Gearbox: Integrates a helical gear design providing resourceful, minimal noise transmission, and oil bath lubrication.
  • Overload clutch: Fitted to the drive gear shaft, allows adjustable overload torque.
  • Electrical Connector: Standardized Aluminum connectors for instant setup.
  • Chain Sprocket Mechanism: A hardening surface treatment, abrasion and corrosion-resistant chain.
  • Chain: Special carburized high-strength alloy steel chain with galvanized surface for added durability.
  • Control Pendant: Quick plug connection, low voltage control with an emergency button for assured safety.

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