p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets | substrate for elisa assays

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  • p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets | substrate for elisa assays
  • excellent substrate for alkaline and acid phosphatase-based elisa assays
  • synonyms: pnpp
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the p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets are an excellent substrate designed for alkaline and acid phosphatase-based elisa assays. with their superior quality and reliability, these tablets are a go-to solution for researchers and scientists working in life science laboratories.

  • synonyms: pnpp
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the p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets, also referred to as pnpp, are widely recognized as an exceptional substrate for alkaline and acid phosphatase-based elisa assays. they are specifically formulated for efficient enzymatic reactions and offer high sensitivity, accuracy, and robustness for reliable experimental results. the tablets are composed of high-grade chemicals and undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure consistency and reproducibility.

this product's advanced formulation allows it to yield a yellow color when reacted with alkaline and acid phosphatase. by measuring the intensity of this color change, researchers can accurately quantify the enzyme activity within their samples. the tablets ensure a linear response over a wide range of enzyme concentrations, enabling precise determination of enzymatic activity.

furthermore, the p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice among scientists:

  • easy-to-use: the tablets are conveniently packaged in a user-friendly format, ensuring effortless handling and preparation.
  • stable and long-lasting: these tablets have exceptional stability, maintaining their performance and integrity over extended periods of storage.
  • high purity: the tablets are manufactured using highly pure raw materials, ensuring minimal interference from impurities and contaminants.
  • high sensitivity: the p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets demonstrate exceptional sensitivity, allowing researchers to detect low levels of enzyme activity with confidence.
  • optimized performance: the tablets have been extensively validated and optimized, providing consistent and reliable results for a variety of experimental conditions.
  • wide compatibility: these tablets are suitable for use with a broad range of alkaline and acid phosphatase enzymes, making them versatile and adaptable to different research needs.

with the p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets, researchers can effectively and efficiently perform alkaline and acid phosphatase-based elisa assays. these assays play a crucial role in biochemical and diagnostic research, offering insights into enzyme activity, protein-ligand interactions, and various disease biomarkers.

order your p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets today and experience the exceptional quality, sensitivity, and reliability that is renowned for.

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