Oseltamivir 45mg Capsules: Potent Antiviral Defense Against Influenza A and B

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Oseltamivir 45mg Capsules: Potent Influenza Antiviral

Oseltamivir 45mg capsules provide powerful treatment and prophylaxis against influenza A and B. Prominent features include:

  • Effective antiviral action: By inhibiting the neuraminidase viral surface enzyme, it significantly shortens influenza duration and severity.
  • Universal application: Suitable for adults and children above one, serving both as curative and preventive therapy for Influenza A and B.
  • Thorough dosage guidelines: Adults’ recommended dosage is 75mg twice for 5 days. Pediatric dosage differs with weight.

Please Note: Oseltamivir is contraindicated in severe renal impairment and necessitates caution in moderate cases.

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Oseltamivir 45mg Capsules - Your Powerful Defense Against Influenza A and B

Whether influenza A or B has infiltrated your body, Oseltamivir 45mg capsules provide a resilient barrier to protect against the viral threats.

Complete Assurance Against Virus Proliferation

Our product is designed to inhibit neuraminidase, a crucial enzyme present on the surface of influenza viruses. By hindering this enzyme, the preparation effectively suppresses the spread of the viruses within the user, thereby negating their impact.

Reputed for Effectiveness

As a neuraminidase inhibitor, Oseltamivir has a strong proven track record of alleviating the flu symptoms and inhibiting the influenza virus's spread. This inhibition significantly reduces the harm caused by the virus, rendering it a reliable antiviral therapy.

Potential Side Effects

  • Users might experience nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bronchitis, insomnia, and vertigo.
  • Less common but possible effects include various other symptoms.

Guidelines for Usage and Precautions

  • Prescribed for adults and children over 1 year old for treating influenza A and B, and also for post-exposure prophylaxis.
  • Severely renal impaired patients should refrain from using, while those with moderate impairment must exercise caution.
  • All users should be closely monitored for abnormal behavior during treatment.

Dosage Information

  • Adult dosage: a 75mg dose twice daily for around five days, preferably within 48 hours from the onset of the first symptom. For post-exposure prophylaxis, a 75mg dose is to be taken once daily for a minimum of ten days.
  • Child dosage is determined by their weight.

With the Oseltamivir 45mg capsules, safeguard your health against aggressive influenza viruses. Ensure your protection today.

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