Oseltamivir 30mg Capsules - Robust Antiviral Treatment for Influenza A and B

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Product: Oseltamivir 30mg Capsules – Pack of 10. Effectiveness: Displays potent antiviral properties against influenza A and B. Mechanism: Works by inhibiting the neuraminidase surface enzyme within infected cells, terminating virus proliferation. Target Group: Suitable for individuals older than 1 year. Usage: Used in the treatment and prophylaxis of influenza post-exposure. Dosage: Varies between 30mg to 75mg, determined by the patient’s weight. Side effects: Potential for nausea, bronchitis, and insomnia. Caution: Advised for those with renal impairments. This effective response to influenza A and B helps safeguard your health

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Oseltamivir 30mg Capsules: An Effective Prospective Treatment for Influenza A and B

The Oseltamivir 30mg Capsules are a scientifically proven medical treatment designed to target and fight off the symptoms of influenza types A and B. Each capsule contains the potent antiviral component, Oseltamivir, which acts as the most effective defense against these diseases and imparts a robust immunity.

Each pack comes with 10 capsules, with each capsule carrying an accurate dose of 30mg of Oseltamivir. This formulation is specially designed to limit the spread of the influenza virus in the body, thereby providing enhanced support to the immune system.

Effective Inhibitor and Antiviral Mechanism

Upon intake, the body swiftly metabolizes Oseltamivir into its derivative, oseltamivir carboxylate - an active metabolite that is a selective inhibitor of influenza A and B viral neuraminidase. This mechanism blocks the release of progeny virus from infected cells, efficiently stopping the virus's further spread and mitigating subsequent infections.

Adverse Effects

All medications have potential side effects, and Oseltamivir is no exception. Some manifestations include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, insomnia, dizziness, bronchitis, and headache amongst others. However, it is crucial to understand that these symptoms could also be caused by the underlying influenza infection itself, and hence, immediate medical assistance is always recommended.

Appropriate Dosage

The recommended dosage for adults, for effective treatment, involves taking 75mg twice daily for 5 days, starting within 48 hours of influenza symptom onset. For post-exposure prevention, the regular dosage is 75mg, taken once daily for a minimum of ten days during a community outbreak.

For children aged 1 year and above, the dose is determined by body weight and may be given twice daily for treatment. Always consult with a healthcare provider before giving Oseltamivir to your child.

Please Note: Oseltamivir is not recommended for individuals with severe renal impairment. For those who have moderate renal dysfunction, a reduced dosage is advised.

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