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Maintain proper hydration levels with our ORS Low Osmolarity Sachets. These are perfect for medical establishments and first-aid kits. The sachets are filled with a well-balanced combination of key ingredients: Anhydrous glucose, Sodium chloride, Trisodium citrate, dihydrate, and Potassium chloride, providing instant relief from severe dehydration primarily resulting from diarrhoea. For consumption, dissolve the contents in 1 litre of water. Each sachet is sealed in a laminated pouch to ensure its freshness and quality.

  • Suitable for all age groups including infants, children, and adults.
  • Net weight: 20.5g.
  • Usage: One-time use. Discard within 24 hours of opening.
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ORS Low Osmolarity Sachets: Excellent Hydration and Quick Replenishment

Experience superior hydration with our ORS Low Osmolarity Sachets. These sachets are designed to ensure excellent hydration and replenishment, providing a perfect balance between electrolytes and glucose. Particularly beneficial during illnesses or intense physical activity, these sachets help prevent the risk of dehydration.

Available for all age groups, from infants to adults, these ORS sachets are an efficient solution for fluid loss during diarrhea or excessive perspiration. This formulation is perfect for a prompt and effective rehydration process, aiding the body to regain necessary nutrients lost during dehydration.

Key Features of the Product

  • Powerful Hydration: Comprising Anhydrous glucose (13.5g), Sodium chloride (2.6g), Trisodium citrate, dihydrate (2.9g), and Potassium chloride (1.5g), each sachet delivers potent hydration.
  • On-the-go Convenience: Dissolve one sachet in 1 liter of drinking water for instant and efficient rehydration anytime, anywhere.
  • Guaranteed Freshness: The sachets are hermetically sealed and laminated, ensuring freshness and potent rehydration properties.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Ideal for athletes, infants, children, and adults, these ORS sachets aid recovery from illnesses leading to dehydration.
  • Usage Guidelines: For maximum efficacy, use opened sachets within 24 hours.
  • Reliable: Trusted worldwide, our ORS Low Osmolarity Sachets are part of the IEHK2011 basic unit kit, a reliable partner in health and wellness.

Experience the power of expertly formulated hydration with our ORS Low Osmolarity Sachets. Highly regarded for their fast and effective rehydration properties, they are a crucial addition to any health kit or medical facility. Order now to feel the difference!

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