OraQuick HIV1/2 Test Kit: High-Speed, Accurate HIV Diagnosis

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The OraQuick HIV1/2 Test Kit is a pioneering rapid HIV diagnosis tool, utilizes accurate immunochromatographic assay technology for results in just 20 minutes. Compatible with oral fluid, whole blood, serum, or plasma samples.

  • Exemplary Precision: Achieves sensitivity of 99.1%, Specificity of 99.8% (serum/plasma), 100% (oral fluid)
  • Generous Capacity: Designed for facilitating 500 tests
  • Extended Durability: Offers a 30-month shelf-life from manufacture date

Kit contents comprise of 500 Test Devices, 20 Test Stands, 25 Specimen Collection Loops and an intuitive instruction manual. Adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions is imperative for accurate testing.

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OraQuick HIV1/2 Test Kit: Revolutionizing Rapid HIV Testing

The OraQuick HIV1/2 Test Kit exemplifies the latest advancement in HIV diagnostics, leveraging cutting-edge immunochromatographic assay technology to detect HIV1/2 antibodies. Especially designed for healthcare professionals and diagnostic specialists, this product merges simplicity, speed, and accuracy for an unbeatable HIV testing solution.

Key Characteristics:

  • Flexible Application: This versatile kit can be used with multiple sample types - oral fluid, whole blood, serum, and plasma - making it adaptable for an array of different clinical scenarios.
  • Superior Accuracy: The kit showcases remarkable precision, boasting a sensitivity of 99.1% and exceptional specificity of up to 100% with oral fluid – significantly reducing the likelihood of false results.
  • Minimal Sample Volume: A smaller sample requirement enhances patient comfort and ensures medical practitioners have enough material for accurate testing.
  • Fast and Efficient: With results delivered in just 20 minutes, the OraQuick HIV1/2 Test Kit speeds up the diagnosis process, allowing for optimal patient management.
  • Long-lasting: With a shelf life of 30 months and storage conditions of 2-30°C, this kit offers lasting durability, making it a cost-effective solution for various clinical environments.
  • Easy to Use: The kit comes with an all-encompassing instruction manual, enabling medical practitioners to conduct testing procedures effectively and accurately.

Incorporating the OraQuick HIV1/2 Test Kit into your healthcare facility significantly elevates your diagnostic capabilities. Its quick results and ease of use ensure that you can provide superior HIV testing, enabling better patient care.

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