Oral Cholera Vaccine, Single Dose Vial - Comprehensive Protection Against Cholera

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Oral Cholera Vaccine, Single-Dose Vial is an efficacious cholera prevention tool. It comes in a pack of 35 vials, each containing 1.5ml of oral vaccine.

  • Comprehensive Protection: One dose ensures immunity for adults and children over one year old.
  • Simplified Administration: Consumption is oral, eliminating injection-related complications.
  • Excellent Shelf-life: With a shelf-life of 20 months, this vaccine enables medical outreach in isolated regions.
  • Storage Requirement: Vaccine effectiveness is maintained through storage in cool, dry conditions.
  • Healthcare Consultation: Users are recommended to seek advice from healthcare professionals for personalized vaccine usage guidance.
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The Oral Cholera Vaccine, Single Dose Vial is an avant-garde solution in the fight against cholera. The vaccine packs comprehensive protection in each 1.5ml vial in a pack of 35 vials which makes it an ideal candidate for mass immunization programs. It is suitable for children over the age of 1 and adults alike, thus providing a family-centric health solution.

This oral cholera vaccine is exceptionally durable with a 20-month shelf life, ensuring effectiveness even after prolonged storage. The ease of administration adds convenience for medical staff while also encouraging more people to get vaccinated.

Read through the user manual included in the pack for detailed instructions. Best results are achieved when the vaccine is stored in a cool, dry place. It weighs around 0.3kg and has an estimated volume of 0.6 CDM, making it easy to transport and store.

  • Easy administration with user-friendly packaging.
  • Comprehensive protection against cholera.
  • Suitable for adults and children over the age of 1.
  • 20-month shelf life ensuring optimal effectiveness.

The Oral Cholera Vaccine, Single Dose Vial is indeed protective armor against cholera and stands as a testimony to modern medicinal marvel, encompassing traits like easy storage, administration, and widespread applicability. It is a tool of prevention as well as a beacon of hope against cholera.

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