OPV1, Monovalent Type 1 Vaccine - Optimal Polio Protection

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OPV1, Monovalent Type 1 Vaccine: Potent Polio Defense for Young Children

  • Specialized for Polio Prevention: OPV1, Monovalent Type 1 Vaccine is created for high potency in combating poliomyelitis.
  • For Young Children: Aimed at children aged 0 to 5 years, this vaccine is crucial in curtailing type 1 poliovirus in endemic zones.
  • Contains Type 1 Attenuated Poliomyelitis Virus: Composed of a robust mix of type 1 attenuated poliomyelitis virus (Sabin strain) for a strong immune response.
  • Oral Administration: Simple oral administration from a multi-dose vial, no extra equipment needed.
  • Cold Chain Storage: Best stored under cold chain conditions for optimal efficacy. Can be stored at -20°C until expiry or within 2-8°C for six months.
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OPV1, Monovalent Type 1 Vaccine - Premier Defense Against Polio

Ensure the health and safety of future generations with OPV1, the Monovalent Type 1 Vaccine. Specially designed to provide effective protection against polio, this oral vaccine comes as a 20-dose vial and is suitable for individuals aged 0 to 5 years. Derived from the attenuated poliomyelitis virus (Sabin strain), the OPV1 vaccine is a monovalent variant, formulated specifically to stop type 1 poliovirus transmissions.

Key Features:

  • Monovalent type 1 oral polio vaccine, designed specifically for protection against type 1 poliovirus.
  • Comes in a 20-dose vial, ready for use.
  • Each vaccine vial comes with a monitor affixed for easy tracking.
  • Perfect for infants and children aged 0-5 years.
  • Easy oral administration ensures user comfort and enhances compliance.
  • Potent design effectively halts type 1 poliovirus transmissions in endemic areas.
  • Long shelf-life, provided the storage conditions are carefully observed.

Dosing and Immunization:

The OPV1 vaccine is administered easily. Just two drops given orally from the multi-dose vial using a dropper or dispenser are all that's required. We recommend administering the vaccine on a sugar lump or as a syrup for older children - this helps mask any potentially bitter taste. Prevent saliva contamination of the multi-dose dropper to maintain hygiene during administration.


In order to preserve its potency, the vaccine should be stored at temperatures not exceeding -20°C until its expiry date. Alternatively, it can be stored for up to six months at temperatures between 2°C and 8°C. The quality of vaccines packed in plastic tubes remains uncompromised even if there's a color change due to dry ice storage.

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