High-Performance HR-25N Heating and Refrigeration System for Industrial Use

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The Advanced HR-25N Heating and Refrigeration System offers optimal temperature control across varied industries. Equipped with a closed liquid circulation system, this equipment controls oil mist and water vapor emission effectively. Enumerated below are its crucial features:

  • Temperature Range: Efficient operation from -25°C to 200°C
  • Control Accuracy: PID adaptive controller for precision
  • Heat Handling: High-speed cooling at elevated temperatures
  • Control Communication: MODBUS RTU Protocol, RS 485 Interface for better control communication
  • Heat-Conduction: High-lift design for extended heat-conducting medium transport

This equipment promises superior efficiency and reliability. Each unit is securely packaged in a wooden case for safe transportation.

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Advanced HR-25N Heating and Refrigeration System for Optimal Temperature Control

Presenting the HR-25N Heating and Refrigeration Equipment - a technologically advanced solution, designed to provide exceptional temperature regulation across various industrial applications. With a closed liquid circulation framework, it effectively prevents oil mist at high temperatures and water vapor at low temperatures, assuring optimal working conditions at all times.

  • Wide Operational Temperature Range: This equipment offers a significant temperature range from -25°C to 200°C, providing enormous flexibility and adaptability in a multitude of applications.
  • High-tech PID Adaptive Controller: The HR-25N is armed with a PID adaptive controller that maintains temperature stability and consistency, reinforcing precise temperature regulation.
  • Quick Cooling Capabilities: Our HR-25N model delivers rapid cooling functionalities, even at elevated temperatures, ensuring enhanced productivity alongside maintaining temperature equilibrium.
  • Superior Heat Conductivity: With controlled heat-conducting medium outlet, the unit assures top-tier performance.
  • Exceptional Communication: The inclusion of MODBUS RTU Protocol with RS 485 Interface in the HR-25N model ensures seamless communication and connectivity.
  • Durable Build and High Transport Capacity: Crafted for longevity, this model demonstrates robust construction and a high-lift design for transporting heat conducting medium over long distances.
  • Easy Monitoring: Embedded advanced LED display controller facilitates easy temperature tracking, delivering user-friendly operation and detailed supervision.

Your search for a reliable and effective temperature control solution ends with HR-25N. Please note we have a monthly production limit of 10 units. A sturdy wooden case packaging ensures safe transport and delivery lead time remains 25 days. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer sample provision service for this product.

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