OneStep HIV 1/2 WB/Serum/Plasma Test Kit - Rapid & Accurate HIV Testing Solution

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The OneStep HIV 1/2 WB/Serum/Plasma Test Kit provides accurate and swift HIV 1/2 antibody detection in different human mediums. Here are its key benefits:

  • Sensitivity and Specificity: Offers 100% accurate results.
  • Invalid Rate: No invalid output, maintaining result reliability.
  • Test Result Timing: Obtain results in just 15 minutes.

Kit contains 25 testing pouches with necessary items and a sample diluent of 5ml. Lasting up to 24 months from production, it’s suitable for various healthcare surroundings implementing standard bio-safety measures. Storage conditions require temperature between 2-30°C, with avoidance of sun exposure, high humidity, and freezing of reagents.

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OneStep HIV 1/2 Test Kit – Your Trusted Route to Rapid HIV Detection

OneStep takes pride in introducing a top-tier solution for the swift and definitive detection of HIV 1/2 antibodies, the OneStep HIV 1/2 WB/Serum/Plasma Test Kit. Being an in vitro diagnostic tool, it’s engineered for professional use, promising results in as short as 15 minutes.

Features That Speak Excellence

  • Sensitivity and Specificity: The kit boasts an unrivalled 100.0% sensitivity and specificity rate. A display of perfect accuracy.
  • Zero Invalid Rate: Workflow efficiency is maximized by eliminating invalid tests.
  • Swift Results: Delivers results within 15 minutes, calming the anxious wait period.
  • Adaptable: Compatible with various substances, including serum, plasma, venous, and capillary whole blood.

Package Contents

  • 25 individually sealed test cassettes, each paired with a dropper and desiccant
  • One 5ml sample diluent bottle
  • An easy-to-follow Instructions for Use (IFU) manual

Please note that auxiliary items, such as specimen collection containers, sterile lancets, and alcohol pads, must be procured separately.

Shelf Life and Storage

The OneStep HIV 1/2 test kits come with a shelf life of 24 months from their manufacturing date and should be stored under conditions within 2 to 30°C to maintain the highest quality. However, contact with volatile conditions like extreme humidity, direct sunlight, and frozen temperatures could compromise kit effectiveness.


Adherence to the manufacturer's instructions is extremely important. As a precautionary measure, only use the specified specimens and exercise standard biosafety protocols when dealing with potentially infectious material.

Dimensions and Weight

The package is compact, weighing approximately 0.25kg, and occupies a volume around 1.68dm³, making it convenient to transport and store.

Bank on the OneStep HIV1/2 Test Kit for trustworthy and rapid HIV antibody detection. Your peace of mind in medical accuracy is our prowess.

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