ONE STEP Anti-HIV (1&2) Test Kit: Fast & Accurate HIV Diagnosis Kit

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Product: ONE STEP Anti-HIV (1&2) Test Kit – An efficient HIV diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals. Designed to quickly detect antibodies to HIV in human blood, serum, or plasma.

  • Unrivalled Accuracy: Offers 100% Sensitivity and Specificity for error-free results.
  • User-friendly: Results available in just 15-20 minutes.
  • Adaptable: Operates effectively with serum, plasma, and whole blood specimens.
  • Convenient: Includes all necessary tools like test cassettes and droppers but excludes timers, blood sampling tools, protective gloves, and a biohazard waste container.
  • Durability: Features a shelf life of 24 months. Store between 2 to 30°C for optimal longevity.
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ONE STEP Anti-HIV (1&2) Test Kit: Accurate and Rapid HIV Diagnosis Made Accessible

If you're a healthcare professional or a trained worker looking for the most dependable tool in diagnosing HIV, look no further than our ONE STEP Anti-HIV (1&2) Test Kit. Our kit harnesses the power of modern immunochromatographic assay and colloidal gold technology to offer qualitative detection of HIV antibodies.

Key Features:

  • Achieve impeccable 100% Sensitivity, assuring perfectly precise results.
  • Exceptional 100% Specificity, demonstrating optimum reliability.
  • Quality assuring zero invalid rate, reflecting our supreme manufacturing standards.
  • Quick results within 15 to 20 minutes, thereby conserving time.
  • Functional with various samples including Serum, plasma, and venous and capillary whole blood.

Kit Contents:

This all-inclusive kit comes with 40 Tests worth of materials:

  • 40 Test cassettes
  • 40 Droppers
  • 40 Sterile safety lancets
  • 40 Alcohol swabs
  • 4 Sample diluent bottles
  • 1 Instructions for Use (IFU) booklet

Please remember to arrange timers, blood sampling tools, disposable protective gloves, and biohazard waste containers separately.

Storage and Shelf Life Information:

Our test kit's longevity is a staggering 24 months post-manufacture. Store it in a range of 2 to 30°C. Ensure safeguarding the kit from direct sunlight and dampness. Please abstain from freezing the reagents.

Safety Precautions:

Adhere strictly to the manufacturer's guidelines and only use the provided specimens. Standard biosafety precautions must be followed for handling and disposal of materials.

Get started in the right direction towards effective HIV diagnosis with our ONE STEP Anti-HIV (1&2) Test Kit!

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