Obstetric Surgical Kit - Supplementary 1a Drugs | Comprehensive Life-Saving Kit

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Obstetric Surgical Kit – Supplementary 1a Drugs | Comprehensive Life-Saving Kit

  • A comprehensive medical kit for obstetric and surgical emergencies.
  • Packed with essential drugs like Ketamine, Oxytocin, Diazepam, Morphine sulphate, Naloxone, and Quinine.
  • Kit includes different quantities of each drug to ensure a well-rounded treatment approach.
  • Conveniently air-shipped, weighing around 7kg with a volume of 0.03m3.
  • Storage requirements include controlled temperature conditions (cold chain) to maintain drug efficacy.
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The Obstetric Surgical Kit - Supplementary 1a Drugs is a meticulously curated comprehensive solution for obstetric and surgical emergencies. The kit is specifically designed to cater to critical situations that need immediate attention and swift action. This indispensable medical resource kit is inclusive of a broad spectrum of crucial drugs and medications that have the potential to save lives without delay.

Key Features

  • Comprehensively designed for obstetric and surgical procedures - enhancing the preparedness for tackling emergencies.
  • Broad range of essential drugs and medications - preparing medical professionals for unforeseen situations.
  • Developed specifically for critical situations that require import authorizations - simplifying the process.
  • Capability for swift delivery within 24 hours ensures that the kit can be expedited for critical situations.
  • A neatly labeled single package, for optimal organization, bearing a unique part number for easy identification.
  • A manageable weight of 7kg and a compact volume of 0.03m3 ensures that the kit is easily transportable.
  • The kit is also integrable with the 'Obstetric Surgical Kit - Complete' - further bolstering your healthcare arsenal.
  • Optimum resource allocation enables the handling of approximately 100 deliveries including 50 with complications necessitating surgery.
  • The kit is covered by the UNICEF Emergency health supply list - making it an invaluable asset in situations with limited healthcare services.
  • Cool and standardized transportation and storage procedures (2 to 8u00b0C) are required for maintaining the potency of the drugs.
  • Designed for use by trained healthcare professionals, this kit is an ideal addition to the arsenal for midwives, nurses, physicians, obstetricians, gynecologists, surgeons, and anaesthetists.

Tool for Preparedness

No emergency should take you by surprise. With the Obstetric Surgical Kit - Supplementary 1a Drugs, ensure a heightened level of readiness and safety in all situations.

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