Obstetric Surgical Kit Supplementary 1: Reliable Solution For Obstetric Emergencies

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Obstetric Surgical Kit Supplementary 1: Emergency Medical Supplies for Obstetric Procedures

A concentrated solution for critical obstetric situations. Ideally used by medical experts like midwives, surgeons and more during obstetric emergencies such as caesarean sections, laparotomy and other minor surgeries. This kit is capable of aiding in around 50 complex deliveries.

Key Features:

  • Specialized for obstetric procedures: Perfect for healthcare professionals.
  • Inclusive medical supplies and drugs: Engineered to manage an estimated of 50 complicated deliveries.
  • Designed for emergency scenarios: Prepped for procedures like caesarean section, laparotomy and other minor surgeries.
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Unmatched Preparedness with Obstetric Surgical Kit Supplementary 1

Designed for critical obstetric emergencies, the Obstetric Surgical Kit Supplementary 1 presents an exhaustive compilation of vital medical supplies for healthcare professionals. This resourceful kit offers assistance during times of crises such as complex emergencies or natural disasters. Highly recommended for midwives, nurses, doctors, obstetricians, gynaecologists, surgeons, and anaesthetists, this kit serves as a crucial tool in conducting lifesaving operations like caesarean sections, laparotomies, and other urgent surgeries.

Unmatched in quality and quantity

Consisting of 38 distinct boxes distributed over 2 pallets, the Obstetric Surgical Kit Supplementary 1 is rich in its assortment of supplies and medications. It’s been designed to respond to around 50 complications in deliveries with an estimated total weight of 607 kg and total volume of 1.872 m3.

Highly distinguished contents

  • Wide array of antibiotics such as Ampicillin, Gentamicin, and Metronidazole ensure protection against infections.
  • Anesthetics comprising of Lidocaine and Atropine ensure pain-free procedures.
  • Hydralazine for managing hypertensive crises, Dexamethasone for severe allergic reactions, and Methylergom to counter postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Inclusive of general medical supplies like sterile water for injections, paracetamol for pain relief, and glucose injections for quick energy replenishment.
  • A comprehensive hygiene and post-op kit with Chlorhexidine solution, Povidone iodine solution, and Tetracycline ointment to prevent infections post-surgery.

Further enhancing its utility is its pre-arrangement with easy-to-follow instructions and procedural guidelines, ensuring that the medical supplies can be immediately accessed and used at the time of need.

While the regarding medicines may need import authorizations and temperature-controlled transportation, the arrangement ensures these are separately packed for ease of access and operations.

It is noteworthy that storage conditions should not exceed 30u00b0C, in due consideration of the shelf life of the contents.

A Lifesaver

Endorsed on the UNICEF Emergency supply list, the Obstetric Surgical Kit Supplementary 1 is the epitome of specialist care during critical situations. With this kit at disposal, healthcare professionals can ensure swift and efficient action during emergencies, making a significant difference in maternal and neonatal outcomes.

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