Nystatin Oral Suspension | High-Potency Antifungal Medication

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Nystatin Oral Suspension is a high-potency antifungal medication provided in a handy 30ml bottle. Packs 100,000 IU/ml of Nystatin, it’s a robust solution for numerous fungal infections. Main advantages:

  • Comprehensive application: Effectively tackles Oral thrush, Intestinal & Cutaneous candidiasis, Vaginal candidiasis, and more.
  • User-friendly design: Accessible oral suspension format with explicit dosage instructions.
  • Fast-acting & reliable: Esteemed for its high potency and fast antifungal activity.
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Nystatin Oral Suspension | High-Potency Antifungal Medication

Nystatin Oral Suspension is a high-potency antifungal medication designed to combat a wide spectrum of fungal infections. Featuring 100,000 International Units (IU) of Nystatin per milliliter, this robust, fast-acting remedy provides reliable and rapid relief.

Key Features

  • Potent Antifungal Agent: The suspension is packed with Nystatin, a trusted antifungal drug known for its broad-spectrum control and highly effective treatment of various fungal infections.
  • High Potency: The Nystatin Oral Suspension ensures maximum effectiveness by delivering a potent dose of 100,000 IU of Nystatin per milliliter.
  • User-Friendly: The convenience of a 30ml bottle makes for easy administration and straightforward dosing.

Usage and Indications

This medication is to be used as directed by your healthcare provider. The Nystatin Oral Suspension is restricted to oral use and should not be taken by individuals who are allergic to Nystatin.


As always, it is important to consult your healthcare provider before beginning any new medication. Keep an eye out for any possible side effects and consult your physician should you encounter any adverse reactions.

This robust, versatile Nystatin Oral Suspension addresses a wide range of fungal infections, providing fast, trusted relief when you need it most.

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