Nylon Filter Membrane - Premium Filtration Solution for Industrial Applications

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Nylon Filter Membrane is a premium filtration system tailored for wide-ranging applications, offering superior chemical and water treatment. Constructed from sturdy Nylon Membrane (N6/N66), it delivers reliability, longevity, and remarkable filtration quality. Salient features include:

  • High-Quality Nylon Membrane (N6/N66) enhancing stability and tear resistance.
  • Outstanding filtration quality through an efficient filtration mechanism.
  • Reduced contamination risk with natural hydrophilicity eliminating humectants.
  • Wide application scope compatible with most organic solvents, ideal for filtering alkaline and alcohol-based solutions.
  • Diverse utility spanning liquid purification, particle removal, corrosion-resistant filtration, and exceptional solvent filtration, including medical solvents and ink.
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Introducing the Nylon Filter Membrane, the pinnacle of filtration technology designed for rigorous applications in water treatment and chemical industries. Crafted with prime Nylon Membrane (N6/N66) and bolstered by a top-grade non-textile support, this high-performing filter ensures superior filtration quality in diverse industrial settings.

  • Offers an unmatched level of resilience, excellent tear tolerance, and exceptional durability, standing up to the most demanding industrial environments.
  • Features inherent hydrophilic properties, eliminating the need for humectants and reducing the risk of filtrate contamination.
  • Displays broad compatibility with a variety of organic solvents and water, suitable for filtering alkaline and alcohol-based solvents.
  • The advanced Nylon66 variant offers enhanced mechanical strength, superior temperature resistance, and boosted resistance to low temperatures.
  • Wide-ranging applications include purification and filtration of liquids, particle removal, various solvent filtration, corrosion-resistant filtration, and ultimate filtration of ink.
  • Available in both round and rectangular shapes and in multiple pore sizes, offering flexibility to match your specific filtration needs.

With the Nylon Filter Membrane, you receive more than just a filtration solution. This product seamlessly blends exceptional filtration performance with impressive resilience and vast solvent compatibility, promoting smooth and efficient operations at all times. Step up your filtration game with our top-quality Nylon Filter Membrane.

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