Essential Inpatient Nutrition Kit: Comprehensive Medical Aid for Therapeutic Feeding

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Inpatient Nutrition Kit – Essential Tools for Therapeutic Feeding

An advanced, all-inclusive Inpatient Nutrition Kit, ideal for effective therapeutic feeding initiatives. It targets malnourished children, adhering to the high-quality KMEDKNUTI11 MSF Kit Standards.

  • Quality Assured: Maintains the latest KMEDKNUTI11 MSF Kit Standards for ensured efficacy.
  • Versatile Essentials: The kit features necessary items like an Index Card Box, Clinical Guidelines, Identification Bracelets, among others.
  • Bilingual Feeding Tools: Catering to wider demographics with Therapeutic feeding cards in both English and French.

This product complements with Inpatient Nutrition Kit modules and Therapeutic milk products.

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The 'Inpatient Nutrition Kit: Essential Tools for Therapeutic Feeding' is a comprehensive solution designed for healthcare environments that tend to the needs of severely malnourished children. Compliance with KMEDKNUTI11 MSF kit standards ensures its efficiency, and the kit is precisely prepared to provide therapeutic feeding support to up to 50 patients over a three-month period.

  • Fully-equipped: The kit contains all necessary medical stationary and identification equipment.
  • Efficient and Sustainable: The kit is designed to support the therapeutic feeding of 50 patients over a three-month period.
  • Premium Care: Enables healthcare professionals to monitor and provide superior care, thereby ensuring optimum patient observation.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The kit includes clinical guidelines as a reference tool, enhancing the accuracy of provided nutritional support.
  • Effective Tracking: The inclusion of writing materials and identification bracelets within the kit helps accurately track patient progress and reduces instances of medical errors due to misidentification.
  • Multilingual Support: The kit includes therapeutic feeding cards in both English and French, supporting effective communication across different language barriers.
  • Convenient Organization: The provided index card box and sturdy cardboard box help in efficient organization and safe storage and transportation of the kit.

Usage Instructions:
The Inpatient Nutrition Kit is intended to be used alongside medical care for patients and does not include any medicines or therapeutic foods. These items must be ordered separately, and when paired with this kit, constitute a complete solution for therapeutic feeding.

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