Comprehensive Nutrition Kit for Inpatient Feeding Facilities - Perfect Solution for Severe Child Malnutrition Treatment

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Our Comprehensive Nutrition Kit for Inpatient Feeding Facilities leverages specialized tools for effective malnutrition treatment. The kit features

  • Cooking equipment designed to meet stringent medical requirements,
  • Medical scales for precise weight measurement,
  • Standard stethoscope for vital sign monitoring,
  • Effective timers for precise treatment scheduling, and
  • Advanced water purification tablets ensuring safe hydration.

This robust kit is ideal for inpatient therapeutic feeding programs, facilitating the recovery of malnourished children.

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Comprehensive Nutrition Kit for Inpatient Feeding Facilities: A Revolutionary Approach to Combat Malnutrition Treatment

Our Comprehensive Nutrition Kit for Inpatient Feeding Facilities embodies a comprehensive care solution for child malnutrition, designed to meet the needs of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) treatment. This all-encompassing kit brings together vital nutritional support and essential medical supplies, aiding efficient, hygienic feeding processes and effective treatment.

Key Features and Advantages

  • In Depth Care: The kit incorporates an efficient feeding infrastructure, providing all necessary tools for a streamlined, sanitized feeding process.
  • Medical Support: Vital medical aids such as stethoscope and timers are also included, enabling accurate health assessment of malnourished children.
  • Quality Assured: Every component in the kit adheres to rigorous quality standards, providing dependable solutions in various operational contexts.
  • Packaging: The kit, wrapped with essential items like cooking pots, utensils, and vital medical supplies, offers a comprehensive solution for care facilities. It's practical packaging requirements for storage and transit simplifies operational processes. It can also be adapted with additional items or related products based on specific needs, available for separate purchase.

Usage and Safety

Usage is advised under the supervision of trained professionals capable of identifying and responding to severe malnutrition complications. It's paramount to ensure easy access to healthcare services for the children under treatment with this kit.


  • Product Type: Comprehensive Nutrition Kit for Inpatient Feeding Facilities
  • Intended Use: For the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition
  • Design Inspiration: KMEDMNUTI12 MSF Kit
  • Suitable For: Mobile Inpatient Feeding Facilities catering to children with SAM
  • Inclusions: Cooking pots, utensils, medical supplies
  • Additional Items: Can be custom-added as per needs

In a mission against child malnutrition, our Comprehensive Nutrition Kit is a distinct asset. It's designed to address not just the symptoms but the broader challenges that feeding facilities confront. Make this life-changing investment today for a better tomorrow.

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