Non-Treponemal Syphilis RPR Test Kit 100 - Boost Your Diagnostic Accuracy

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The Non-Treponemal Syphilis RPR Test Kit 100 is a superior solution for quick and accurate syphilis detection. This system yields diagnostic results within a short span of 8 minutes, with an impressive sensitivity of 99.5% and specificity of 98%. The comprehensive kit contains pipettes, agglutination cards, a dispensing bottle, prepared RPR antigen, and control solutions. Easy to store, it remains optimal between 2°C to 8°C and it has an 18-month shelf life from date of manufacture.

  • Exceptionally efficient in detecting syphilis
  • Delivers swift results in 8 minutes
  • Comes with all-inclusive, pre-arranged components
  • Features convenient storage and prolonged durability
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Introducing the cutting-edge 'Non-Treponemal Syphilis RPR Test Kit 100', an unrivaled tool for Syphilis diagnosis. Striking the perfect balance between advanced technology and simplicity of use, this semi-quantitative flocculation test offers high diagnostic accuracy and robustness, making it a go-to solution for healthcare providers worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Technology: This kit employs a simplistic agglutination assay for utmost convenience and speedy results. High efficiency is a hallmark characteristic of the kit.
  • Sensitivity and Specificity: With a sensitivity of 99.5% and specificity of 98%, the test kit delivers reliable results, facilitating justified patient care and treatment.
  • Sample Type: Suitable for both serum and plasma sample types, the kit broadens the diagnostic horizon, enhancing its use in diverse testing procedures.
  • Speed: The promise of ultra-fast results within 8 minutes ensures swift patient care and aids in efficient healthcare provision.

Included Components:

The kit comes with following components: disposable pipettes, agglutination cards, dispensing bottle, needle dispenser, pre-prepared RPR antigen, negative control, and positive control. User-friendly and multilingual instructions are provided to ensure seamless usage.

Storage and Transportation:

The kits remain functional when stored at optimal temperatures (between 2C to 8C) and can withstand harsh transport conditions, maintaining integrity up to 22C for 7 days. The test kits also boast an impressive shelf life of 18 months and are unaffected by changes in humidity.

Packaging Details:

Each kit weighs 0.124kg and encapsulates into a volume of 0.640cdm for easy transportation and optimized storage. Portable, precise, and practical, the Non-Treponemal Syphilis RPR Test Kit 100 is your essential instrument for the reliable diagnosis of Syphilis.

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