Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W: Efficient Cooling Solution for Preservation of Sensitive Materials

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The Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W is a premium solution for ultra-cold storage of sensitive materials such as vaccines, biological samples, and pharmaceuticals. With a temperature range of -80°C to -30°C, it guarantees efficient and reliable long-term low-temperature maintenance.

  • Advanced Features: Designed with cutting-edge technology for optimal temperature stability.
  • High Performance: Cooling capacity between 4kW-6kW for effective storage.
  • Versatility: Provides options between standard and optional components to meet unique needs.
  • Durability: Features renowned brands like Copeland for the standard compressor, and SANHUA for the core sight glass.
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Efficient Cooling with Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W: Ideal for Sensitive Materials

Specialized for sensitive material preservation, the Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W offers a flexible, dependable, and highly efficient solution. This advanced freezing technology is crafted to suit a diverse range of products with a temperature range from -80°C to -30°C, maintaining an impressive cooling capacity at extreme low temperatures.

The LD-4W Freezer is not merely a cooling unit but a technologically crafted masterpiece with the following attributes:

  • The inclusion of LD-4W cooler models supplies remarkable cooling capacity with 6kW at -60°C and 4kW at -75°C standards.
  • Integrated circulation pump of 6.6m³/h, 2.5bar max furnishes optimal fluid motion and assures an ideal fit with DN-25 PN-10 inlet and outlet connections.
  • A Type W water-cooled system is fashioned for exceptional heat transfer. It's known for efficiency, which considerably reduces operating costs.
  • Available 200L capacity cold storage tank, keeping temperatures stable for extended periods.
  • The control system features innovative technology including a single-chip microcomputer controller, with an optional SIEMENS S7-200PLC & Module for enhanced operation.
  • Standard evaporator is the Braze welding plate heat exchanger (BPHE), offering impressive performance, with optionally available stainless steel tube heat exchanger.
  • An intermediate heat exchanger by KAORI ensures superior heat transfer and product durability.
  • The sight glass, from standard SANHUA or optional Danfoss, offers a visual check of the liquid level.

The Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W is an excellent option for laboratories, research institutions, and pharmaceutical corporations seeking quality and efficiency. Invest in the best — choose the Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W.

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