Neuropeptide Y Human - HPLC Powder Synthetic

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Neuropeptide Y Human – HPLC Powder Synthetic

  • 95% purity verified by HPLC
  • Synthetic formulation
  • Regulatory molecule encoded by a gene on human chromosome 7p15
  • Vasoconstrictor properties
  • Inhibits Ca2+-activated K+ channels in vascular smooth muscle
  • Inhibits cholecystokinin- and secretin-stimulated release of enzymes
  • Available as Neuropeptide Y human or hNPY (CAS number 90880-35-6)
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Neuropeptide Y Human – HPLC Powder Synthetic

Introducing Neuropeptide Y Human, a high-quality synthetic product designed for use in various research applications. With its exceptional purity and well-studied formulation, this synthetic neuropeptide offers reliable and consistent results. Neuropeptide Y Human is encoded by a gene located on human chromosome 7p15 and plays a crucial role as a regulatory molecule.

Key Features:

  • Purity: Verified purity of 95% by HPLC
  • Formulation: Synthetic
  • No supplier details provided: Ensures unbiased use of the product and avoids influence

Properties and Functions:

Neuropeptide Y Human exhibits several important properties and functions that make it a valuable tool in various research studies. Some of its key features include:

  • Vasoconstrictor Properties: Neuropeptide Y Human demonstrates vasoconstrictor activities, which can be of significant interest in studies related to cardiovascular health and disease.
  • Inhibition of Ca2+-activated K+ Channels: This synthetic neuropeptide inhibits Ca2+-activated K+ channels in vascular smooth muscle, providing insights into the regulation of smooth muscle contractility.
  • Inhibition of Enzyme Release: Neuropeptide Y Human inhibits cholecystokinin- and secretin-stimulated release of enzymes, making it a valuable tool for investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying enzyme secretion.

Neuropeptide Y Human is available as a pure and standardized powder, allowing for easy handling and integration into your research protocols. The synthetic formulation ensures batch-to-batch consistency, eliminating the inherent variability associated with natural sources. Each container of Neuropeptide Y Human undergoes rigorous quality control measures to guarantee its potency and reliability.

Researchers in various fields can benefit from the versatile applications of Neuropeptide Y Human. Whether you are studying the cardiovascular system, smooth muscle function, or hormone regulation, this synthetic neuropeptide offers a reliable and effective tool for investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying complex physiological processes.

It is important to note that the product is available as Neuropeptide Y Human or hNPY, with the CAS number 90880-35-6. The CAS number serves as a unique identifier, ensuring accurate and traceable documentation in your research.

Order your Neuropeptide Y Human today and unlock the potential of this synthetic neuropeptide in your research endeavors. With its high purity, consistent formulation, and versatile applications, Neuropeptide Y Human is a valuable addition to any laboratory focused on understanding complex biological systems.

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