Needle,disp,19G,ster/BOX-100: High-Performance, Sterile Medical Needle for Precision-Injection Practices

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The Needle,disp,19G,ster/BOX-100 is a premium, reliable medical tool designed for safe fluid injections and withdrawals. It comprises:

  • Exceptional stainless steel for superior sharpness and long-lasting use
  • Superior medical grade plastic for unmatched safety and user-friendliness
  • Compliance with key international standards (ISO 7864:2016, ISO 9626:2016, etc.)

Presented in a secure blister pack, this 1.1x40mm sterile, disposable needle boasts colour-coding for easy needle-size recognition.

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Needle,disp,19G,ster/BOX-100: The Epitome of Precision, Reliability, and Sterility in Medical Needles

Experience the fusion of precision, reliability, and safety with our high-grade medical needle, Needle,disp,19G,ster/BOX-100. Known for its performance and superior design, it promises to elevate fluid injection and withdrawal practices in healthcare institutions, thereby augmenting patient care.

Detailed Product Features and Attributes

  • Precision Unmatched: Our needles comply with ISO 9626:2016, promising professionals the ease of accurate fluid injection and withdrawal with a built that speaks excellence.
  • Safety Ensured: Embodying an Ethylene Oxide sterilization process that adheres to BS EN550:1994-ISO 11135:2014 standards, our needles arrive in a sterile condition in individual blister packs that are designed to reduce contamination risks.
  • Global Acceptability: The Needle,disp,19G,ster/BOX-100 is crafted as per various international standards, thus making it a globally accepted and sought-after medical tool.
  • Efficient Identification: Complying with ISO 6009:2016, our needles depict a color-coded base facilitating their easy identification and accurately guided application.
  • Patient-Centered Packaging: Ensuring a safe and informative touchpoint, each needle is packed in a sterilized peel-off pack displaying essential details about the product. Each box contains 100 such needles, additionally secured in a protective carton.
  • Proved Quality: Our needles align with ISO 13485:2016 guidelines and comply with the European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC, thus guaranteeing their rigorous quality assurance and superior performance.

Our Needle,disp,19G,ster/BOX-100 stands at the forefront of smooth and secure fluid manipulation practices. Designed for perfection and safety, our needles offer an indispensable aid to the medical fraternity. Opt for our needles and experience the difference in your treatment style and patient satisfaction.

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