Efficiency Redefined – Needle, Vacuum Tube, 22 G for Blood Collection

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The Needle, Vacuum Tube, 22 G is a superior tool designed for seamless and safe blood collection. The stainless steel needle offers durability and strength, with a length of 38mm and a 0.7mm diameter, ensuring smooth insertion. The kit includes 100 individually sealed needles, guaranteeing a sterile environment. The vacuum tubes are transparent, enabling effortless visibility during the procedure. Single-use and latex-free materials are used for patient safety.

  • High-quality stainless steel needle – strong and reliable
  • Clear vacuum tube – enhances visibility
  • Single-use and Sterile packaging – upholds sanitation
  • Box of 100 units – ample supply
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Needle, Vacuum Tube, 22 G - Unmatched for Blood Collection Efficiency

The Needle, Vacuum Tube, 22 G, also known as the vacuum tube needle, is a ground-breaking and efficient tool designed specifically for blood collection. It merges comfort, safety, and efficiency in a single product ensuring superior patient service. The construct of this needle has been meticulously designed to suit high-volume testing environments, including healthcare clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and pathology labs.

Primary Features and Uses

  • The Needle, Vacuum Tube, 22 G is known for its high efficiency, serving as a vital asset in blood sampling procedures.
  • It is designed with careful attention to user comfort during blood collection, comprising a 0.7mm diameter that ensures minimum discomfort during insertion.
  • The 38mm length facilitates precise insertion and optimizes the blood collection process.
  • The needle is sterile, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination and infection significantly.
  • A high-quality steel construct lends durability and extends the product's life, providing reliability for end users.
  • It comes as a package of 100 individually-wrapped needles, making this a cost-efficient choice.

Directions for Use

To employ the Needle, Vacuum Tube, 22 G, follow standard protocols and guidelines for blood collection. Maintain patient comfort and safety as priority. Ensure the needle is used once and disposed of properly.

Packaging Information

In terms of packaging, this product features 100 sterile needles, each individually wrapped to maintain their sterile state until needed. The entire package is estimated to weigh about 10 kg and occupies a volume of approximately 0.04 m3. This ensures seamless stocking and easy transportation.

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