Reliable Needle Holders for Vacuum Tubes - Box of 100 | Efficiency & Compatibility

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The Reliable and Efficient Needle Holders for Vacuum Tubes – Box of 100 are meticulously engineered for precise blood collection procedures. Featured with:

  • Universal compatibility with standard vacuum tubes of 13 to 16mm diameter.
  • Lightweight (0.6kg) and compact (0.085 m3) design for easy handling and optimal space utilization.
  • High-quality construction, exclusively meant for healthcare professionals.

Each box contains 100 units, ensuring an exceptional combination of convenience and efficiency in medical storage and accessibility.

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Superior Quality Needle Holders for Vacuum Tubes: Box of 100

Our top-grade Needle Holders designed for vacuum tubes are the epitome of efficiency and reliability. Used in blood collection procedures, they offer an effortless and trouble-free operation. Each box contains 100 units, ensuring that your healthcare facility is always well-stocked and prepared.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Our needle holders are designed to work with all standard vacuum tubes, providing a tight fit for tubes between 13 to 16 mm in diameter.
  • Value Pack: With 100 units per box, these needle holders offer both convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • Portable & Compact: Each unit has a lightweight design of approximately 0.6 kg, ensuring effortless handling and portability. Additionally, their compact size of 0.085 m3 makes them ideal for optimizing workspace in a busy clinic or lab setting.

Usage Guidelines:

These needle holders are designed for professional use in healthcare settings. High standards of hygiene and measures to prevent cross-contamination must be adhered to during their usage and disposal.

Packaging Details:

Striking the perfect balance between practicality and efficiency, each box of our Needle Holders for Vacuum Tubes provides 100 individual high-quality units. This assures both availability and convenience for your clinical or laboratory requirements.

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