Nanjing SCH170ASH3 159KW Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller for Industrial Performance

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The Nanjing SCH170ASH3 159KW Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller is designed for efficient, industrial-grade cooling. With a range of -5°C to 20°C, it is ideal for use in injection molding, food industry, chemical sector, and central air conditioning. Key features include:

  • Performance: Utilizes an advanced semi-hermetic 5:6 screw rotor compressor
  • Durability: Designed for a 40,000-hour lifespan without failures
  • Efficiency: Uses an imported French high-efficiency, reliable Fluoride Resistant Motor
  • Control: Managed by a Siemens PLC touch screen for effortless automatic monitoring
  • Protection: Incorporates pressure protection, power protection, and anti-freezing safeguards
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The Nanjing SCH170ASH3 159KW Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller for Industrial Use is a pinnacle of engineering efficiency for cooling applications, built robustly for diverse industrial needs including injection molding, food, chemical, and central air-conditioning systems. Its multiple unique and integrated features illustrate a cutting-edge approach aimed to maximize efficiency and reliability.

  • The chiller provides a wide cooling capacity range of 14KW-4311KW/4RT-1300RT, catering to diverse conditions and demanding performances.
  • The adjustable chilled water temperature between -5 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius accommodates varied cooling requirements.
  • Flexibility comes from the provision of multiple compressor models (2-6), offering optimized solutions as per application demands.
  • Provision of compatibility with a vast variety of refrigerants such as R22/R134A/R407C/R410A ensures adherence to distinct industry standards.
  • Its optional heat recovery function boosts operational efficiency, providing eco-friendly energy reutilization.
  • The advanced intelligent control setting guarantees uninterrupted monitoring of temperature and operational situation, promising up to 40,000 hours of non-stop operation without hiccups.
  • Built-in comprehensive protection system ensures smooth operation by providing features such as delay-time, oil level, water flow rate protections and more.

Beyond these, the chiller leverages a reliable SIEMENS PLC touch screen controller for precise, user-friendly control. The construction employs top-notch materials and components adhering to certifications from ISO9001, CRAA, CE, PED, and UL. Enhancing energy efficiency is made possible with its heat recovery function and a configuration containing an imported French high efficiency and reliable Fluoride Resistant Motor. Its inclusion of a Si Woer effect oil separator and high precision bearings from Germany FAG and Sweden SKF ensures a smooth, low-noise operation. Thus, the Nanjing SCH170ASH3 159KW Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller is not just a cooling solution, but an exemplary energy-efficient industrial dynamo.

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