NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56% - Ultimate Water Purification Solution for Safe Drinking Water

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The NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56% is a high-quality water purification product, composed purely of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (NaDCC). This formula, when dispensed, yields 56% available chlorine, offering an effective agent for safe drinking water. The package consists of a 0.5kg pot and a 20ml measuring spoon for efficient use. Certified by NSF International and complying with EN 12931:2015, it guarantees quality value. Unlisted as dangerous goods, it ensures smooth transportation.

  • Grade A water purification solution
  • Composed entirely of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (NaDCC)
  • Delivers 56% available chlorine
  • Aligned with EN 12931:2015, NSF International certified
  • Unclassified as dangerous goods for easy transport
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Introducing our high-quality NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56%, the ultimate water purification solution. Elevate the safety and hygiene of your drinking water using our high potency product which features a robust 56% chlorine content. Each granule is expertly formulated to powerfully purify water by eliminating harmful pathogens and particulates. Packaged in a durable 0.5kg plastic pot, the granules retain their potency whilst adding to the long-lasting water treatment capabilities of the product.

Our NaDCC Chlorine Granules are comprised entirely of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (NaDCC), guaranteeing efficacy in water purification. Not only does the product boast of high potency, but it also meets the NSF/ANSI standard 60 and the EN 12931:2015 standard, emphasizing our commitment to delivering top-quality products.

  • Features a potent 56% chlorine content for effective water treatment.
  • Preserved in a 0.5kg plastic pot to ensure prolonged potency.
  • Incorporates a 20ml precision measuring spoon to ensure accurate dosage.
  • Comes with a comprehensive instruction guide which explains usage protocols.
  • Offers a shelf-life of 3 years when stored in unopened containers.

Invest in our NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56% for a comprehensive and lasting solution to water purification processes. Prioritize your health by ensuring the safety and purity of your drinking water today.

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