NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56%, 0.5kg: Advanced Water Purification Solution

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NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56%, 0.5kg: Advanced Water Purification

  • Superior-grade Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (NaDCC), 56% chlorine content for efficient water purification
  • Safe for human use following meticulous water treatment, in compliance with EN 12931:2015
  • Includes a user-friendly measuring spoon and offers a robust 3-year shelf life in sealed containers
  • Comes in a safeguarding 0.5kg pot, exempted from classification as harmful goods during transportation
  • Certified by NSF International, symbolizing product quality and safety
  • Practical for surface disinfection and significant scale water purification

Ensure storage under 50°C in the original vessel, distant from direct sun exposure and conflicting substances. Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes before intake, ensuring regular assessment of the purified water for residual chlorine contents.

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The NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56%, 0.5kg: Advanced Water Purification Solution is a pioneering product in the domain of disinfection and water purification. This potent solution is an amalgamation of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (NaDCC), renowned for its trustworthy disinfection properties. With a striking 56% chlorine content, the NaDCC granules are powerful weapons against impurities, ensuring a thorough sanitization process.

Imperative for maintaining healthy living and working atmospheres, this product provides that necessary disinfection leap. Abiding by the EN 12931:2015 standards and armed with NSF International certification, the NaDCC granules vouch for their supreme quality and reliability.

  • A handy measuring spoon accompanies the product for user convenience and accurate dosing.
  • The NaDCC granules boast a 3-year shelf life in unsealed conditions, thus assuring a long-term usage commitment.
  • This product is stored in a 0.5kg plastic pot, carefully designed for protective packaging. Always ensure to reseal the container after usage.
  • The granules are safe for human consumption post successful water treatment, given that the instructions for use are diligently followed.
  • Storage prerequisites include cool, dry areas, distinctly separate from incompatible materials.
  • Periodically verify residual chlorine levels post usage to maintain continual effectiveness.
  • The granules are transport-friendly owing to their non-hazardous nature and optimally stored in temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius.

Embrace the promise of a sanitized, pure and healthy environment with 'NaDCC Chlorine Granules 56%, 0.5kg: Advanced Water Purification Solution'. This product is your answer to superior disinfection.

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