N95 Surgical Respirator: Ultimate Protection & Comfort Against Airborne Hazards

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N95 Surgical Respirator | Unsurpassed Protection & Comfort Against Airborne Dangers

  • Model: 9500-N95, recognized for its reliability
  • Structure: Sophisticated three-layer filtration mechanism, employing an electrostatically charged melt-blown heart for precise interception of particles
  • Features: Robust yet lightweight, offering a 5-year shelf life ideal for extended storage
  • Application: Tailored for health professionals, frontline staff, and individuals in high-risk airborne pathogen settings
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N95 Surgical Respirator: Unsurpassed Protection & Comfort Against Airborne Dangers

The N95 Surgical Respirator is a masterpiece of safety equipment purpose-build for unmatched protection against airborne threats. Crafted to meet the challenging requirements of healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and other frontline heroes, this NIOSH-approved respiratory device provides effective shielding against harmful airborne particles, dust, bacteria, and viruses.

Unrivalled Filtration, Superlative Safety

Equipped with superior filtration capabilities, the N95 Surgical Respirator stands exceptionally potent against safety challenges. Providing rigorous protection in high-risk environments, it effortlessly trumps its competitors in ensuring you are safe from unseen, airborne dangers.

Comfort and Efficiency in One Design

Designed with utmost attention to user comfort, the respirator ensures not just efficient protection but also a comfortable fit. The adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loops make for a snug fit, while the soft inner non-woven fabric layer ensures minimal discomfort during prolonged usage.

Durable Construction Meets Reliable Protection

Keeping durability at its core, the N95 Surgical Respirator features robust construction. With a sturdy outer layer made of fluid-resistant non-woven fabric, paired with a middle layer consisting of electrostatically charged melt-blown material, this respirator guarantees efficient filtration. Its Model No. #9500-N95 acts as a testament to its quality and reliability.

With the N95 Surgical Respirator, you fortify your initial defence line against airborne threats. Armed with innovative features and excellent technology, it provides unmatched protection when it is most crucial, enabling you to effectively combat airborne threats.

Key Features

  • NIOSH-certified device capable of filtering harmful airborne particles, dust, bacteria, and viruses
  • Adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loops for a snug fit
  • Constructed with an outer layer of fluid-resistant non-woven fabric and a middle layer of electrostatically charged melt-blown material for efficient filtration
  • Inside layer of soft non-woven fabric for enhanced wearability and comfort
  • Reliability and quality assurance with Model No. #9500-N95
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